Every house can use a solar house number 

We have been hearing more and more about the benefits of solar lighting and something positive and better lately. There is no question that this type of energy and lighting is not only good for our planet but also for our wallets.

The only expense would be to purchase such an energy storage system, which is associated with not exactly low, but one-time expenses. Then the system will work for you free of charge for a lifetime and the only thing you should think about is regular maintenance of the equipment.

We can speak of the advantages of having a solar house number 

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In today’s article we would like to look further into the advantages of solar lighting and its practical application. The free and renewable energy can not only keep your conscience clean, but can also be used, for example, to illuminate house numbers or signs. the Solar house number selection offers you excellent alternatives.

One should no longer think about the electricity bill of the house and one can also save the expensive motion detectors. All neighbors will be happy that they don’t have to look for the keyhole in the dark and whoever visits you for the first time will find your exact address immediately. As soon as dusk falls, the elegant solar house numbers switch on automatically and thanks to the batteries that store the solar energy, they shine powerfully (but not obtrusively) even on the coldest and darkest winter nights.

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We don’t have to convince you how useful solar house numbers, wall and sidewalk lighting, or even staircase lights are. But what every homeowner should look for before deciding on solar lighting is good quality.

What criteria should a solar house number meet and why it is important not to buy cheap products?

Since house numbers are usually affixed to the exterior of the house, they must be made from a weatherproof material. Cleaning with a damp cloth from time to time would be good for the efficiency of the system and the long life of the batteries, so the areas to be cleaned should be easily accessible. Make sure that the batteries light up for a long time and that they perform well.

The house facade should also have an elegant appearance, which is why we recommend house numbers made of stainless steel that are no larger than DIN A4 and are light in weight. The lights should also be wind and weatherproof with a powerful battery.

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