white ball lamps hung at different heights paoli

Multiball Lighting by Roberto Paoli – white ball lamps in different heights

When we talk about new ideas in lighting fixtures, we need to focus our attention on the multi-sphere lighting from Roberto Paoli judge. This is a modular system of white ball lamps that can be hung at different heights.

You can also choose the configuration of how exactly you want to arrange the lamps on the ceiling. The network through which the lamps are mounted on the ceiling is flexible.

These ball lamps look really cool and futuristic. Don’t you think so either? The best part is that you can determine their height and arrangement yourself. You could somehow rearrange them according to taste and desire, which changes the ambience in your home. In our opinion, they would fit best in the living room. We are sure you will not regret this choice.

Original and attractive way of lighting up your home

White ball lamps different hanging configuration

You could choose the configuration yourself  white ball lamps in different heights design paoli

Whimsical hanging ball lamps – white light by Roberto Paoli

white ball lamps different hang design paoli configuration

translated and edited by Sabine