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Even more about the antioxidants and radians importance

We know that oxygen is the main requirement for life. He takes an active part in most of the biochemical processes. But he’s not only responsible for good things. It ensures that the processes of oxidation in our body run more effectively.

The antioxidants represent a group of many different elements that protect the human body from radians, heavy metals, toxins and their bonds.

The radian meaning

Before we move on to the topic of antioxidants, we’d like to say something about what the meaning of radians is. Because this term is very often associated with antioxidants. Logically, it is fundamental to understanding this subject.

Maintain a healthy diet

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The radians are chemically unstable substances. Because of this, they come into contact with others very easily. The radiant attacks the closest molecules and takes an electron from them. The latter turns itself into a free radian. Once the process has started, it develops like a cascade that can hardly be stopped. As a result, a number of processes develop in the organism that are simply not good for us. Much damage to health can be ascribed to precisely this process. The radians exist normally in the organism and each only exists for a few seconds. But the damage that is left afterwards can no longer be repaired.

One of the most powerful antioxidants around

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The role of antioxidants

The antioxidants are protective substances that neutralize the acidification process in the cells. We mostly take vitamins A, C, and E through our diet. Beta-carotene, the minerals selenium, zinc and copper, and manganese also belong to the group of antioxidants.

Antioxidants and Origin

The antioxidants can be organic in nature when ingested through the food. But they could also be synthetic.

Goji berries contain a large amount of antioxidants

antioxidant goji berries healthy

They can be enzymes.

The antioxidants can be endogenous and exogenous. The exogenous actually come from our own body. These are about the female sex hormones. The endogenous are most concentrated in beverages and food.

Eat pomegranates more often

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The visible effect of the antioxidants

There is plenty of information about which products contain the antioxidants and how you can promote their development in your own organism. Knowing about it should be part of the general culture of every person. Here we just want to provide you with additional information about the practical benefits they have for your inner feeling:

  • You will optimize your immune system;
  • You will be able to protect yourself from a number of diseases and you will age more slowly in all aspects;
  • You will gain less weight;
  • You will have less orange peel
  • Your heart, muscle, and circulatory systems will function much better;
  • You will have more beautiful skin, which will also be resistant to UV rays;
  • Wounds will heal better.

The foods that you should especially eat a lot

The foods that are considered to be very powerful antioxidants are the following: Fresh fruits (especially the citrus and forest fruits), fresh vegetables, whole butter cocoa, nuts, red wine, white garden tea and green tea.

Natural sources of antioxidants

antioxidant green tea dark chocolate dry fruits nuts

Cosmetics can also help, but wholesome seasonal food, overcoming stress, giving up cigarettes and other harmful habits are much more important.

Banana smoothies are also particularly recommended

antioxidant banana smoothies

Prefer the dark chocolate!

antioxidant dark chocolate cocoa

Carrots are rich in beta-carotene

antioxidant freshly squeezed carrot smoothies

Healthy and tasty

antioxidant healthy corn fresh

Natural antibiotics full of antioxidants

antioxidant healthy onion

Prepare fresh vegetable smoothies

antioxidant healthy vegetable smoothies

Eat selected foods

antioxidant proper nutrition vitamins minerals

Combine citrus fruits with honey

antioxidant honey citrus fruits

Enjoy a glass of green tea

antioxidant drink green tea

Ripe grapes in late summer

antioxidant fruit ripe grapes

Forest fruits are also showing great promise

antioxidant summer fruits forest fruits