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Learn the great properties of aronia berries and benefit from them!

The aronia berry is a great plant from the rose family. It is perennial and can reach a height between 1.5 and 3 m.

Many people think of it as a tree. It is actually a bush.

But something else is more important. It is one of the most powerful antioxidants in nature. Aronia berries contain a lot of organic flavonoids and much more vitamin P than apples and oranges. There are many animals who have discovered the aronia plant and the aronia berries and keep integrating them into their menu.

Aronia berry effect

Chokeberry Chokeberry Plant Fruits

Many different plants under this name

It is important to understand that many different plants are associated with this name. There are more than 20 different varieties. There are a lot of hybrids among them. The most common is aronia melanocarpa. Their fruits are black. Then comes Aronia Arbutifolia. In this species, the aronia berries are red.

Both varieties have a substantial amount of food.

Aronia flowers

Aronia arbutifolia Chokeberry plant flowers

Black aronia berries – fruits

Chokeberry Chokeberry plant bushes

Aronia with black berries

In addition to the fruits, the black and red species also differ from one another in some other essential characteristics. The second type has fine peat on the leaves. The black ones are also smaller than the red ones. The dark aronia plant is also much taller. It can reach up to 2.4 meters.

Aronia with black berries

Chokeberry Chokeberry plant black

The aronia with the black berries has shiny dark green leaves in summer. In autumn they are covered by many shades of color typical for this season. These are about red, yellow and orange, as well as the different mixtures of them.

The fruits of the aronia berries grow in mid-July. They are absolutely ripe and ready to be consumed in August.

Aronia – the miracle berry

Aronia melanocarpa chokeberry plant

Aroniaune Aronia berries as a remedy

Not everyone likes the taste of the slightly bitter aronia berries. But it is worth looking for a suitable variant for their consumption. According to a lot of research and experts, the aronia berries are really healthy. The healing properties can be explained by the high content of anthocyanins. These are a kind of soluble colored pigments that have health benefits. They serve as antioxidants and show a successful anti-inflammatory effect.

Small berries with a big impact

aronia melanocarpa aronia berry chokeberry

The anthocyanins make up a substantial part of this fruit. There are 725 to 1050 mg per 100 grams of fresh fruit. These fruits also contain a lot of vitamin P. The blood vessels become more permeable and at the same time firmer. Sclerosis and cardiovascular problems are also combated by consuming aronia berries.

Other important vitamins that are contained in it are A and E. The aronia berries contain a lot of vitamin C, vitamin K and vitamins from group B..

A natural medicine 

Chokeberry Chokeberry Plant Bushes Red Leaves

The flavonoids

Already at the beginning we mentioned that aronia berries contain a lot of organic flavonoids. These include lutein and carotene. They are very important antioxidants. Of the flavonoids, zeaxanthin must also be mentioned here. This substance filters the harmful ultraviolet rays. Thus you protect your own retina.

The bitter taste is also very valuable because there are very large amounts of micro-elements in these berries. There is calcium, potassium, magnesium, as well as sodium, phosphorus and iron.

Aronia berries are rich in organic flavonoids

Chokeberry Chokeberry Plant Leaves Fruits

The aronia berries also contain zinc and manganese. There is also a substantial amount of iodine.

Regular consumption can even reduce blood pressure and bad cholesterol in the body.

A very highly alkaline product

In recent years there has been a lot of talk about alkaline products. Since there are generally more acidic products in our traditional menus, one should try to achieve the right balance in the organism with the alkaline substances. It is believed that the aronia juice is a natural protection against radiation from PCs and cell phones.

Glass bowl full of aronia berries

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Brilliantissima, the red aronia berries

The red aronia berries have just been mentioned. We will now come back to this. This plant reaches up to 3 m in height. It blooms in late September and early October.

The corresponding type of aronia looks very attractive. This is not only due to the thick leaf mass, but also to the fact that the fruits are bright red and shiny at the beginning of October. On a small scale, they have a diuretic effect and act like kidnapping agents.

Red chokeberries

Aronia arbutifolia chokeberry plant healthy food

Similar to the black aronia berries, the red ones are also recommended for people with high blood pressure. They are healthy for this target group because they contain very little fructose. These contain 3 to 5 times more iodine than strawberries, raspberries and apples.

Aronia juice

The juice from aronia berries can be used for gastritis, hemoroids and problems with the intestines. These fruits also have the unique property of retaining their useful properties in all possible forms.

 Aronia juice for your health

Chokeberry plant juice healthy food