Tips on ACleaning up after a party – how does it work?

Throwing a party in your own home is always a good idea – at least until the cleaning is due. Because the more successful the party, the more you have to clean up the next day. Then the real party victims come to light: Where there used to be the kitchen is now only a battlefield, the floor is totally sticky, there are on the wall indefinable spots to see. How does normal tidying up after a party work??

When guests leave behind dirt, rubbish and disorder, you want to restore the location (apartment, house and garden) to its original state as quickly as possible. BAUFIX shows how to remove the traces of last night as cool tips for cleaning up in the new campaign video.

renovate house4 Untitled-4

“If the cat is out of the house, the mice dance on the table!” Classic situation: the women drive away and the men take the opportunity to throw a fat party. In the hangover style, however, the party guests dismantled the house of one of the men. However, the four party animals manage to save the situation and repair the damage in good time before their wives return home.

Floor sticks after a party?renovate house2

The house or apartment has been devastated after a party? Baufix offers the right tip for situations in which manual skills are required. Just like when celebrating, the premise: “If, then do it right!” Applies to the Campaign microsite and there are also some practical application videos on the YouTube channel. They show how to get the biggest mess under control and whip everything back into shape, if…

– the walls are dirty – parquet and laminate are heavily soiled – cracks have been discovered in the wall – party guests have perforated walls – damage to the wallpaper needs to be repaired – the radiators need a coat of paint – damaged tiles need to be replaced etc..

Baufix film competition 


There is also a short film competition where great prizes can be won. Participants should shoot clips themselves, true to the motto “If, then do it right!” And upload them to the Baufix Facebook page by March 31, 2017. The content of the video is completely up to you and doesn’t necessarily have to be related to a big party.

Great prizes to be won