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Delicious healthy food and the right attitude on the matter

The discussion about healthy eating seems to have gotten a little out of hand in recent years. You have very aggressive opponents on both sides – whether it is good or not to adhere to certain strict regulations.

Since we also like to publish healthy recipes, we also felt it was responsible to investigate the question of the healthy attitude towards this topic.

Healthy food for weight loss

delicious healthy food fresh vegetables

Goodwill is everything?

A lot of people think that way at first. They uncritically accept the assumption that this and that is unhealthy. All you need is a strong will. But does that sound realistic? Isn’t it more believable that our body is already giving us a lot of signals about what is good for us and what is not. Would you really have to get yourself into a tight spot??

Fresh salad in the menu

delicious healthy food eating fresh vegetables salad

This is especially true for people who want to become vegetarian. Scientists show that by far not all organisms are suitable for this cause. There are also a number of high-protein vegan products that cause stomach problems. Actually, such a decision should be discussed with your own doctor.

Here are the main points to consider!

Eat Vegetarian

delicious healthy food fresh salad japanese food


80% of the immune system cells are in the digestive tract. In the first place it is important that you are indeed very good at handling the food there. Even the best food can turn into poison if it is not digested well and its substances cannot be well assimilated into the organism.

How does digestion work

delicious healthy food digestive system live healthy

Easy digestion also significantly improves metabolism. Active movement and mental relaxation also contribute to this. If you act nervously and quickly, this can also create a lot of problems.

Caprese – a healthy and delicious starter salad made from tomatoes, mozzarella and basil

delicious healthy food fresh vegetables salad mozzarella tomatoes basil

 Carrot salad with coriander and parsley

delicious healthy food fresh salad carrots coriander parsley

If you are stressed, you should not eat or eat very little. You should also choose the simple combinations. Above all else, you should also solve your real problems.

Delicious cream soups

delicious healthy food cream soup Pumpkin cream soup

 Cream of pumpkin soup with slices of toast

delicious healthy food bread cream soup Pumpkin cream soup

 Cream of spinach soup with nuts

delicious healthy food bread cream soup spinach cream soup

The meat

Here is another point that could be called critical. This is where the really big discussion questions start! Because some people are vegetarian for moral reasons, others because they believe it is healthy. But can you actually take these two aspects apart? Because if it is unhealthy for a person to live without meat, then out of ignorance and fanaticism he commits a kind of slow suicide and treats himself badly. What’s moral about that?

Healthy eating includes a plentiful menu

delicious healthy food fresh vegetables meat bread dairy products

People who become vegetarians in the long run are those who generally do not like meat. You feel no renunciation and no restriction.

But it has been proven that many people need meat. These include a great many intellectuals and those who are socially committed in one way or another. You should be eating meat two to three times a week. This is also very important for people with weak physics.

Meat dish with jacket potatoes and spinach

delicious healthy food meat dishes jacket potato spinach meat

Dairy products

Here’s another controversial topic, which isn’t as dramatic as this one with meat. For people who need to eat meat, the dairy products are also very important. The same recitals should be mentioned.

Dairy products

delicious healthy food dairy products

But here we come to another important point – what is the origin of the products? The pasteurized among these are long-lasting, but lose their healthy properties. It is also recommended for meat: you should know the origin of the products very well.

It is also important that you combine the products correctly, for example meat with vegetables. Instead, meat is very often eaten with bread, which is bad.

 Asparagus with salmon fillet  

delicious healthy food fresh salad asparagus salmon fillet

 Guacamole on the pizza

delicious healthy food pasta guacamole avocado vegetarian food

 Broccoli salad with sesame seeds

delicious healthy food vegan broccoli sesame


The refined carbohydrates do not help our organism at all. They turn right into fat and collect in the most inopportune places. So, if you want to feel healthy, you should only access it in very special cases.

Gluten-free cheesecake with figs

delicious healthy food dessert cheesecake with figs gluten free

There are very tasty recipes made from healthy ingredients. These include nuts, coconut butter, honey. Once you’ve tried them, you usually feel a lot better. It will also be difficult to prefer the other, artificial taste again.

Of all sweets, you can usually only recommend the black chocolate.

Vegan sweets

delicious healthy food nuts pumpkin dessert

Delicious little tarts that are also healthy and low in calories

  delicious healthy food candy vegan tartlet carrots apple


Coffee isn’t bad at all. For most people, it is somewhere. If you have major complaints, then of course you’d have to do without it. But you will feel that, don’t worry!

Drinking coffee is not a problem

delicious healthy food drinks drink coffee

After all, you should reduce the amount as much as possible.

Raw food

Raw food can be life-saving in some cases. The food in this form is very close to its original state and all of the ingredients are still there. In addition, you will not suffer from dehydration. The reason is that in this state the food contains a lot more water.

Exotic fruits – horned melon

delicious healthy food fruits and vegetables horn melon

However, not all people digest food well in this state. This can lead to very severe, health-damaging consequences. In many diets with healthy and vegan food, this is only recommended for certain seasons.

Raw food

delicious healthy food fresh vegetables asparagus salad spring fruit

Raw nuts – almonds

delicious healthy food fresh vegetables and nuts almonds