It is not just the annually changing fashion trends that ensure that trend-conscious women and men open up new opportunities every year to creatively underline the facets of their personality. Sometimes sweet and flowery, sometimes tart and spicy, new fragrance trends give rise every year to rediscover yourself, to experiment or to skillfully emphasize your own style. Here’s what’s hot in the world of fragrances this year:

 Lively, fresh and summery

After oriental and oud scents in particular have dominated recently, 2016 is fresh, lively and summery. Not only perfumes, but also many other body care products are characterized by vital, lively and sparkling notes this year. After the aphrodisiac, resinous oud note, which was previously mainly reserved for fine perfumes, had made its way from the posh outsider role to the wearable seductive fragrance, dynamic, fresh fragrances were allowed to shine again in 2016. Full of joie de vivre and sparkling lightness, citrus scents in particular shine in their full, sunny splendor in 2016. Here, however, not only chords of ripe Italian lemons and tangy-sweet orange notes are represented. The exotic, fresh scent of prickly pear, Nashi pear and summery sorbet notes are also finding their way into the perfume world.

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The colorful diversity and joie de vivre of the 2016 fragrance trends is also reflected in a number of colorful, artistic and exclusive flacons and turns the fragrance favorites of the year into real visual highlights. Packed in elegant bottles, many fragrance stars of the year are not only sparkling and citrusy, but also flowery, gentle and sweet.

Here, of course, immortal roses, exotic orchids and beguiling jasmine scents are represented, which perfectly complement the summer freshness. In addition to mandarins, juicy red berries and tangy grapefruit, gentle, sensual accords of sandalwood and bewitching musk are particularly shining this year. This not only creates particularly sensual, passionate compositions, but also helps the fruity, flowery lightness to be worn all year round.

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In autumn and winter 2016, in addition to the cheeky, fresh favorite fragrances, you can also choose gourmand fragrances that tempt you with sweet chocolate, marshmallows and other delicacies.

 Herbal spice not only for men

The lively freshness of 2016 relies, especially but not exclusively, on men’s perfumes, as well as citric nuances on invigorating herbal additives. Coriander, sage, nutmeg and peppery notes are also strong, dynamic and complex. In particular, men’s fragrances receive a distinctive, masculine-tart note, which is often complemented by rum, tobacco and other bold accents. In addition to masculine spice, there is also a clear, invigorating freshness in the men’s fragrances 2016, which gives many fragrances a youthful flair, but does not lose their complexity.

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Not only for men, but also for women, floral freshness is flirtatiously rounded off by subtle spice. In particular, accords of pink pepper play a role here and also give women’s fragrances 2016 an excitingly special note.

 Overall, 2016 is fresh, invigorating and brave for both women and men. Experimentation is allowed and exotic nuances and complex compositions of floral delicacy and herbal spices are no longer reserved for the most exclusive fine perfumes. Colorful, lively variety, masterfully composed of flowers, ripe fruits and exciting herbal notes are wearable all year round and exude joie de vivre, a thirst for adventure and self-confidence. You can find a list of the most popular perfumes in 2016 here.

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men's fragrances women's fragrances perfume world fashion trends 2016

men's fragrances perfume trends 2016