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Low blood pressure: what you need to know and what to do

Many people find that their head spins when they get up quickly. They are also sleepier and tired quickly. Not infrequently these are the signs of low blood pressure. Today we want to help you if this information is relevant to you.

We would like to give you a better understanding of what low blood pressure is and what measures should be taken in such a case.

The low blood pressure is also called hypotension 

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Measure your blood pressure regularly?

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Have low blood pressure?

Many people are confused about the criteria for having low blood pressure. It is good if we all have a suitable measuring device. But the low values ​​are not the only criteria. The low values ​​alone are good for some people. Morbid low blood pressure is referred to in combination with the following symptoms:

What are the symptoms?

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  • The head turns and it’s easy to lose your balance
  • You lose consciousness
  • You’re dehydrated
  • You have trouble concentrating
  • One gets sick
  • You are tired and have depression
  • You breathe too quickly and too superficially
  • You are pale and your skin is far too cold

Low blood pressure makes you tired and weak

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Special cases in which low blood pressure occurs far too often

There are people who generally do not have low blood pressure, but this occurs more often in certain circumstances. Here we also have a list of such circumstances:

  • pregnancy
  • For longer periods when lying down
  • With blood loss
  • When treated with certain drugs
  • For endocrine or heart problems
  • In case of allergic reactions
  • In the case of a lack of certain ingredients

When is it normal to have low blood pressure??

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In all cases, however, the symptoms that are too severe are rare. Most of the time the casual ones are there, like the dizziness and the tiredness.

If you do suffer from hypotension …

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Practical advice for low blood pressure conditions

In the first place it is important that your body is very well hydrated. You need to drink a lot of water, especially on warm days. You need to eat more salt, but not just any salt. The marine or Himalayan variants are trendy and healthy for you.

drink a lot of water

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You should drink less alcohol and prefer not to smoke cigarettes. Although these increase the blood pressure first, it then falls very quickly.

A healthy diet is recommended

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The following foods will help you raise your blood pressure naturally

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Healthy physical activity is also fundamental. That improves the circulation. Less intensive training such as yoga and pilates are very important.

Sports like yoga and pilates will regulate your blood pressure

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If you have to lie down and then get up, do it very carefully. This would save you the negative consequences of being dizzy.

Furthermore, you may need to eat fewer carbohydrates and increase the servings, but reduce the amount. Optimize your daily menu with lots of vitamins, minerals and other great ingredients.

A healthy life begins with a healthy diet

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