Vacation time is the best time of the year, we often hear our friends and colleagues say it. Yes, that’s true, but on one condition! In order for the vacation to go well and be remembered for a long time, it has to be planned well in advance. I’m sure you agree, right? Do you also want to spend a luxury vacation in an exotic place where you can really relax? Then come with me! Today we invite you to immerse yourself in a world full of luxury and comfort, where you can float on clouds! We have selected some fantastic villas around the world for you to rent. Some are right by the sea and promise a lot of bathing fun on vacation, others are high in the mountains, where you can go on long mountain tours. But everywhere you can experience relaxation and relaxation at a high level. Plus, you wouldn’t mind viewing the surrounding area from the comfort of your bathtub, wouldn’t you?

You can rent a first class property and have a luxury vacation!

Luxury seaside vacation rental first class property

Just don’t think you’ll be putting your feet up on vacation and lounging all the time! No, definitely not! It is about a luxury vacation with glamorous beach trips in Barbados or the Canary Islands, for example. Or maybe you would like to spend a luxury vacation in Bali? Phuket Island in Thailand also offers an eventful stay.

We present first-class villas for rent in these locations. You can also spend a unique vacation in the Swiss Alps or in Aspen, Colorado and go on long mountain tours. Everywhere you also have breathtaking views that are definitely very different from the usual ones from your window.

 Villa Bonita, Barbados, awaits its guests!

Luxury vacation villa Bonita Barbados

  • Luxury vacation with bathing fun

We begin our virtual tour of top quality villas to rent for a luxury vacation in Saint James Parish, Barbados. Villa Bonita is the perfect place for a great beach holiday. There you can experience a lot of bathing fun and explore the white sandy beaches of the Platinum Coast of Barbados. This recently completed home offers fun-loving vacationers six bedrooms and plenty of living space. The luxury villa towers over Prospect Bay, so you always have a wonderful panoramic view over the bay. This elegantly furnished home has luxurious bathrooms that actually belong directly to the four of all six bedrooms. Guests can also lie outside under the large parasols and admire the breathtaking sunsets. The beach area of ​​Villa Bonita is 1700 m2 and has its own cinema and fitness studio, also with a wonderful view over the bay.

 At Villa Bonita, Barbados you will find the luxury you have only dreamed of until now.

Villa Bonita Barbados

 In the Caribbean, you could treat yourself to a luxury vacation in this private villa.

Luxury Caribbean Vacation Private Villa

Now we are going to the Caribbean, where our next stop is. Our destination is Necker Island, an island in the British Virgin Islands group. Here, Cliff Penthouse is available for rent for those travelers in need of the sun. This retreat is located on the east end of the island, which is privately owned by British entrepreneur and philanthropist Richard Branson. The villa is the epitome of luxury in the true sense of the word. The glamorous interior corresponds to the latest trends in interior design and overlooks the calm, turquoise waters of Oil Nut Bay. The floor-to-ceiling glass walls allow a fantastic view of the sea and the cliffs. The only stress of your Caribbean trip might just be the departure from this paradise.

 The bathtub offers a wonderful view of the turquoise sea.

Luxury vacation bathtub wonderful view turquoise sea

 Have you ever been to Saint Bartholomew Island in the Caribbean??

Saint Bartholomew Island in the Caribbean luxury vacation

We are staying on the Caribbean islands for a while, because we also want to introduce you to the St. Bart’s Luxury Villa. Here you will experience a luxury, retro-style vacation with the comfort of home. The stunningly furnished villa is located on Flamands Beach, a white sandy beach that you have to see at least once in your life. The living room and the outdoor bedrooms offer a view of the blue sky and from the wide terrace you can watch the turquoise sea water for hours. You will also find a state-of-the-art media room, bedroom with bunk beds and a stylish outdoor dining area for 12 people. All of this makes this home ideal for a luxury vacation with family and friends.

Living comfort to fall in love with

Luxury vacation in the Caribbean Living comfort to fall in love with

Now we are flying to Thailand, more precisely to the island of Phuket. The luxurious Villa Horizon stands there and awaits visitors. It is surrounded by lush greenery and offers an incredibly beautiful view of the Andaman Sea. The Villa Horizon is fully equipped and offers its guests a lot of comfort. Of course, you decide for yourself how you plan and spend your time on vacation. Maybe you want to swim outside in the pool or enjoy a delicious meal prepared by your private chef? The nearby white beaches and the calm, crystal clear sea can be viewed either from the living room or from the fitness room, but also from the luxury bathtub in the master bathroom.

Phuket Island has a lot to offer tourists.

Private villas first class facility luxury vacation Phuket island Thailand

 This villa promises a relaxing vacation for families and couples in love.

Relaxing luxury vacation Bali Indonesia a lot of living comfort in the bathroom, wonderful view outside

Our next stop in the Far East is Bali, Indonesia. Villa Bayuh Sabbha is located there. It is located in a private estate called the House of Breezes. This first class villa has five bedrooms from which one has a great view of breathtaking sunsets.

If you are looking for another dream island as a travel destination for your next vacation, you can browse our website or click here.

 The infinity pool invites all guests to linger outside.

Infinity pool garden flowers sun loungers umbrellas green blue sea in the distance

 An airy attitude towards life sets in in the Swiss Alps.

Luxury vacation in the Swiss Alps Zermatt Apartment house airy lifestyle

  • Luxury vacation in the mountains

But if you don’t like to vacation by the water, you can rent a luxurious villa for your family and friends in the mountains. In the following, we give you clever tips on exactly where you can go and treat yourself to an unforgettable luxury holiday.

Our first suggestion concerns the Heinz Julen Penthouse in Zermatt, Switzerland. This luxurious apartment house offers a living space of 260 m2 on its three floors and space for 8 people. From here you can hike through the mountains in summer and spend a wonderful skiing holiday in winter. If you love nature, this is the right place. In all seasons, the luxurious penthouse offers fantastic views of the nearby there and the forests.

The soft wood nuance radiates a lot of warmth in this luxurious bathroom.

Luxury vacation luxurious bathroom soft wood nuance lots of warmth

 Here you will experience a lot of comfort in a rustic style.

Luxury vacation USA Wyoming rustic comfort

But if you are looking for a very close contact with unspoiled nature, then we recommend renting a country house style villa in the USA. For example, Philips Ridge Cabin in Jacksonhole, Wyoming would be the perfect choice for this. This is also the ideal starting point for skiers, mountain hikers, cyclists, anglers, swimmers and canoeists.

Another luxury accommodation option is in Aspen, Colorado. Aspen Ultimate Luxury Retreat awaits its guests who want a luxury vacation in the mountains. The rustic atmosphere of this house has been brought to a high level, where you are surrounded by a lot of comfort and luxury.

 In Aspen you will discover the strange feeling of living in the middle of nature and enjoying a lot of comfort.

Luxury Aspen Colorado Vacation Comfort in the middle of nature

Bathe in the jungle? How do you find the idea?

Bathing luxury vacation Queensland Australia in the jungle

Travel enthusiasts looking to relax in the jungle visit Queensland, Australia. Villa Wanggulay Too Treetops is located in the middle of the Carin forest. Here the border between inside and outside seems to disappear completely. After a long day full of various activities, you can treat yourself to first-class relaxation in the outdoor bathtub and see tropical birds and butterflies up close. Do you want to miss this unique opportunity??

Have you already selected a specific travel destination for your next luxury vacation??

It’s worth just spending a few days here!

Luxury vacation Phuket island Thailand bathtub a lot of comfort wonderful panoramic view

In the outdoor bathtub, you could forget all everyday stress and everyday problems.

Luxury vacation full of relax outdoor bathtub luxury style comfort

 In Wyoming all nature lovers get their money’s worth!

Luxury vacation bathtub side table flowers fruit drink wonderful nature a lot of comfort

 Here you are guaranteed to forget all your problems.

Luxury vacation Aspen Colorado bathtub lots of comfort high level