The interpretation of the fairy tale “Sleeping Beauty” with Angelina Jolie already had a great success in the first edition of the film. So big was it that the announcement of Maleficent 2 was big news. Production started in 2018 and the work on it aroused a lot of curiosity from the start. Now, with the trailer that came out garede, you got a little closer to the results. What do we know more about the film now??

Many fans expect Maleficent 2 with great curiosity

the poster with Angelina Jolie

Who is there with Angelina Jolie??

It cannot be denied that Angelina Jolie has made the greatest contribution to the success of this film, as far as the actors are concerned. However, it should not be underestimated at all who is there besides her. Elle Fanning plays along with Angelina Jolie – she is here the grown daughter of her enemy – Aurora.

The actor who plays Prince Philip is replaced in the second part. He is not played by Brenton Thwaites, as was the first time, but by Harris Dickinson. The film will also gain many additional fans due to the fact that Michelle Pfeiffer is among the actors. Chiwetel Ejiofor, who was nominated for an Oscar, is also among the actors and there are even rumors that he is the new lover of Angelina Jolie. There is also Ed Skrein, which has become particularly popular thanks to Game of Thrones.

Ed Skrein from Games of Thrones is there

Ed Skrein and Jolie

Maleficent 2 and the fight against stereotypes

In recent years, Disney has tried to demonstrate an aversion to stereotypes through the films it has produced. The trailer of Maleficent 2 shows that this will also be the case this time. In the style of the first film, one will explore love and the topic of loss here. Because everything in this world has good and bad sides and even evil actions have their deep causes. Understanding this can lead to overcoming many problems. This is exactly what will happen in Maleficent 2, because there Maleficent and Aurora will join their forces against evil. We will learn more in October this year, when the film will already be shown in theaters.

Is Chiwetel Ejiofor the new love of Angelina?

jolie together with Brenton Thwaites

Aurora is played by Michelle Pfeiffer and that is sure to make the movie even more popular

michele pfeiffer - aurora

Many stereotypes are challenged in the film

jolie - great illustration - green color

We expect the film in October 2019

jolie scene with green light