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Mineral powder and mineral cosmetics against the classic

Mineral cosmetics are currently an absolute hit on the market. Many of the leading brands have relied on this in particular in recent years.

A natural make-up primer

Mineral powder beautiful skin products apply powder

When it comes to foundations, the mineral powder is the first choice for many women. Because of the increasing problems with the skin in adults it has been understood that health should always come first, it is our greatest jewel. Mineral powders and mineral cosmetics as a whole have health care as the main benefit.

The new trend: mineral powder and mineral cosmetics

Mineral powder beautiful skin products primer

Health always comes first

Mineral powder beautiful skin two in one

What are mineral cosmetics in them??

The question just formulated is meant literally. Because it is precisely the content of the cosmetic products that makes the biggest difference between this and any other type of cosmetic. The new products contain minerals ground in powder. Specifically, these are the following substances: zinc oxides, iron oxides, titanium dioxides. The mineral cosmetics also contain talc and non-organic pigments. As you can see for yourself, these are natural ingredients. They do not irritate the skin and do not cause allergies.

Ground minerals in the powder

Mineral powder beautiful skin make-up tips powder and Font de Teint

The lack of aroma will also be kind to the skin. The other types of powders and foundations are always high in artificial colors. They also contain a lot of fats, which is another problem for the majority of women.

The benefits of mineral powder 

Mineral powder beautiful skin products

Other Benefits of Mineral Powder

The mineral powders and cosmetics in general will not clog your pores. It can even have a positive effect on pimples and other skin blemishes. In concrete terms, this is due to the zinc oxides. These have an antibacterial and seborrhea-regulating effect.

Antibacterial and seborrhea-regulating effects

Mineral powder beautiful skin natural products

So it’s great for women with oily skin. But women with dry skin will also feel good with it. With these, the mineral powder has an antibacterial, soothing effect. It does not dry the skin off additionally.

Suitable for all skin types

Mineral powder beautiful skin care and make-up

The look

From a purely visual point of view, the mineral powder is offered in the same form as the conventional powder. Therefore it can be confused. Read the description of the product carefully or seek advice.

There is no visual difference

Mineral powder beautiful skin make-up natural effect

Two in one

Like all high-quality cosmetics, this one with the minerals also has a correspondingly high price. But in the long run this is a very good investment. The reason is that the consistency of the mineral powder combines both the font de complexion and the foundation. So you don’t have to buy both products. It is much easier for you to look perfect, and in a healthy way too. Application is also easy!

Powder and Font de Teint in one

Mineral powder beautiful skin make-up tips

The mineral powder is one of the wonderful innovations in the field of cosmetics. It makes us more beautiful and our life easier at the same time. What better is there to wish for??

Mineral powder – a wonderful innovation

Mineral powder beautiful skin make-up products of course