Long women’s trousers – what are the trends for 2016?

This year are long women’s pants as topical as it has not been for a long time. Well-known patterns and models are worked out from new fabrics. Thanks to this, we feel comfortable and can easily achieve a certain style.

Long women’s pants with a geometric pattern are trendy

women's long pants stripe pattern women's fashion trends 2016

Long women’s trousers in fresh colors – dress in a modern and elegant way

women's pants pink heels white blouse trends

Combine stylish long women’s trousers with a matching blouse

women's long trousers with a classic checkered pattern

Current pattern and length

In 2016, male patterns for women’s trousers are very popular. Furthermore, the wide popularity of wide women’s trousers is very noticeable. They represent a modern interpretation of the oriental and sailing trousers sewing patterns. By the way, these are very suitable for those of you who would like to hide one or the other disadvantage, such as unnecessary kilos or centimeters!

Choosing the right pattern for

women's long trousers wide pattern trends

Wide trousers for women are a current trend

womens pants wide floral pattern trends

You can easily combine a fresh pattern with a white women’s blouse

women's long pants pattern women's fashion trends 2016

Dress everyday, but modern

women's long pants pattern fashion trends

Women’s trousers – trends for 2016

women's pants trends lifestyle fashion dark blue

Bell bottoms

In 2016 we experience many current versions of the retro bell-bottoms on the fashion podiums. Like hardly ever before, they are reminiscent of the original sewing patterns.

Retro bell-bottoms are fashionable again

ladies trousers sewing pattern flared trousers ladies fashion trends

Achieve a modern look with bell-bottoms

womens long pants flare heels fashion trends

7/8 women’s pants

In 2016 you can find a lot of current models of relatively short women’s trousers. The most universal are the 7/8 women’s trousers. So you are on the safe side in every situation. However, the much shorter versions like these, which reach down to the knee, are very current.

7/8 women’s trousers with a fresh pattern

women's pants colored pattern fashion trends

Classic models

We continue to see many classic models at the 2016 fashion podiums. They show simple, straight lines but are cut from modern fabrics.

Look elegant and feminine even with trousers

women's long trousers elegant trends lifestyle

Fabrics, color and decoration

In terms of fabrics, there are two main trends in women’s trousers. On the one hand, you use super modern textiles: purely visually, they look almost like the classic ones. However, they are much more convenient and better emphasize the dynamics and natural benefits of the body.

Women’s trousers made from modern textiles

women's pants white elegant women's fashion trends

Another trend is focusing on the eye-catching fabrics. In 2016 there will be modern women’s leather trousers in bright color nuances. They do well in the general fashion trends for 2016. In all seasons of this year, the eye-catching looks are very current. So if you are one of those fashion-conscious women who like to attract the attention of others, we recommend these models to you.

The leather pants look even more attractive in red

ladies pants leather red trendy lifestyle

Geometric pattern

In 2016, modern women’s trousers often show geometric patterns. The variety is great. They can be completely abstract or show classic, large or small squares.

Checkered retro model

women's pants checkered pattern retro style

The most diverse colors are current this year!

We experience modern women’s trousers in many different colors. Here are some that are particularly topical: navy blue, olive, turquoise, bright red, yellow, cherry, light blue. The fabrics with integrated metallic elements in gold and silver are also current.

Crass yellow always captivates the eye

ladies pants yellow stark colors fashion trends

7/8 women’s trousers in shades of blue

women's pants pattern colored fashion trends

Animal pattern

Animal patterns such as leopard prints are fashionable again in 2016. They are a little more abstract than in previous years. Furthermore, animal patterns can be found in a wide variety of colors and sizes.

Combine the women’s pants with leopard print correctly

women's long pants animal pattern leopard