Last week, another observatory in Canada recorded mysterious signals from space. On the one hand, this phenomenon is causing a stir in the media, on the other hand, it poses new puzzles for scientists and space explorers. Who is radioing the earth? Is that a little sensation or is it an attempt to connect by an extraterrestrial civilization? Or is that a message from alien galaxies? What is supposed to be the cause of these signals from space? Numerous questions are open, but the answer is still missing. However, the fact that researchers receive mysterious signals from the depths of space gives rise to various conjectures. Although science is currently still completely in the dark, new theories about these puzzling signals from space have developed and established themselves. Here is a brief summary of what we found out about the phenomenon.

A look into space.

Signals from space mystery three planets the depths of space

  • Mysterious signals from space – prehistory and today’s status

We want to start right away, mysterious signals from space are actually nothing new for space exploration. The first phenomenal signals of this kind were received in Australia in August 2001. However, they remained completely unnoticed in archive data for another five years until they were discovered in 2006.

Only ten more signals have been received in the past 13 years. In principle, these are the so-called “Fast Radio Bursts” (FRBs), known in German as “Fast Radio Flashes”. The scientists understand this to be an outbreak of radio radiation that lasts only a few milliseconds. Since the signals come from a region outside the Milky Way and are believed to originate from a galaxy around 500 million light years away, they occasionally come to Earth. Until now!

Who is radioing the earth?

Signals from space Mystery new puzzles Attempting to connect from a distant galaxy

Days ago new FRBs were received in Kaleden, Canada. Mysterious radio signals were recorded by the Canadian Observatory (CHIME / FRB) in the province of British Columbia. The researchers observed the signals from deep space for 13 months until they were able to determine their cycle. The new and special thing about these signals from space is that they occur rhythmically, in an exact pattern. They appear every 16.35 days and keep a strange rhythm. For example, the FRBs come hourly over a period of 4 days, then there is radio silence for exactly 12 days. During this time they become completely silent. The Canadian researchers were able to prove the origin of the high-speed radio flashes. They call this source of signals from space “FRB 180916.Jo158 + 65”. This is supposed to be a spiral galaxy that resembles the Milky Way and is far away, about 500 million light years from Earth.

 Mysterious signals from space were recorded by a radio telescope in Canada last week.

Signals from space recorded by radio telescope in Canada last week

  • What assumptions are there about these puzzling signals from space??

At the moment there is still no unanimous opinion on what causes the high-speed radio flashes and where they come from exactly. For years they were seen as unpredictable and seemingly aimless bursts of energy chasing through space. However, its cause still remains unknown. Because of this, there are various theories about what might have caused this outbreak of radio emissions. For example, astrophysicists under the direction of the Harvard professor Abraham Loeb  suspect that the radio flashes could be traces of “advanced extraterrestrial technology”. It is strongly believed that, for example, distant spaceships could be supplied with energy. While other scientists argue that “even a highly intelligent species would be very unlikely to generate such energies”. For example, Neel Patel of the journal “MIT Technology Review” says the following: “So far there is no recognizable pattern that suggests that an intelligent being is involved”.

The source of the high-speed radio flashes is difficult to locate ….

Signals from space Source of the rapid radio flashes difficult to locate

 … let alone investigate.

Signals from space Jellyfish of the fast radio flashes difficult to study because of the enormous distance

But there are also other explanations for the researchers. The source of the radio flashes may orbit a black hole. The radio flashes could only penetrate to the outside at certain positions in the orbits. But there is also another scenario that spreads quickly. According to this, this could be a binary system. For example, a rapidly rotating neutron star and another massive star could form a binary star system. Especially in the case when the magnetic fields of the two single stars collapse, as it were.

Despite interesting hypotheses, the mystery of fast radio flashes remains unsolved.

The researchers have developed a new theory based on the newly discovered regular radio signal. This means that this is an object that circles a star or another celestial body. The signals would possibly be interrupted if the other body blocks the source. So it comes to radio silence with us on earth. As before, it remains a mystery why the source sends out rhythmic signals at all. That and much more remains open to us and requires further research.

 Many unsolved riddles come from the depths of space.

Signals from space Unsolved puzzles come from the depths of space

 The mystery of regular signals from space requires further research.

Signals from outer space Mystery regular signals needs further research

 One day we will definitely know more about it.

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