Facial care from the inside – sport and natural protective products instead of cosmetics

On the one hand, summer unfolds our beauty. We are happier because we have more sun and we are warm. We also spend a long time outside. That reinforces our positive charisma. Our skin becomes tan and it usually makes us more attractive too. That’s one side of the medal. On the other hand, summer is quite dangerous for our eyes. The sun’s rays are an aggressive factor that accelerates the aging process in our body.

Nice skin tips

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How do we find the golden mean? Where is she exactly? How do we look tanned and cheerful in summer, and how do we manage to stay young at the same time? That goes through proper skin care.

Go on with the intensive grooming, make it a habit and follow some special rules for the summer season.

If you are diligent, despite your advanced age, you may look younger than you actually are.

Beauty from nature

Face care without cosmetic products beautiful skin tips

Everything starts with good hydrogenation

We’ve all heard that good hydration is the key to good health and looking youthful. But do you actually know what that means exactly? For one, you should drink enough water. But that’s not enough. You should use plenty of water in day-care routine for your body. In addition to cleaning products, you should wash your face copiously with water once or twice a day. Eat foods that are also high in water, such as fruits and fresh salads.

Reduce the amount of salt because it interferes with the assimilation of water in the body.

Drink more water to be fit and beautiful

Face care drink enough water summer skin care

The water – a natural source of beauty and health

Facial care tips water clean facial skin

Always remove makeup before going to bed

If you sleep with makeup on regularly, you can forget about looking younger in the long run. Even the organic products clog the pores and this prevents their regeneration. By regularly removing these superficial beauty products from your face, you will look younger. If you don’t, at some point your make-up won’t help you look really fresh either.

Never forget to remove your day make-up

Facial care make up remove beautiful skin care tips

Don’t underestimate the UV protection

You should definitely use products that protect your skin and hair from UV rays. Some people don’t trust the cosmetic industry. They don’t buy a UV protection lotion or cream because they don’t want to treat their bodies with chemicals. That’s a good thing, but there are plenty of other alternatives and you should choose one of them if you want to keep the youthful look. There are numerous essential oils that can play this role.

UV sun protection 

Face care summer skin care UV milk cream

In addition, you should simply use the sun responsibly. Do not go to the beach or lie on the terrace or lawn without a parasol in hot weather, do it early in the morning or late in the afternoon.

Wear headscarves and hats. This will keep your skin healthy and avoid the dangers associated with overheating and skin burns.

Wear hat on sunny days!

Face care summer skin care wearing UV milk cream hat

Exercise a lot

The real beauty comes from within. By that we mean, of course, a healthy emotional attitude towards life. In our opinion, this includes a lot of exercise and sport. Thanks to this, you rid your body of toxins and stop the aging process in a completely natural way. You can also improve your health significantly through sport and exercise. You know best what food gives you energy or whether you need more water. A healthy diet is not something you should force yourself to do, it has to be accepted as something completely natural.

All sports are good for your skin and your body

Facial Care Regular Exercise Jogging Nice Skin Tips

Avoid the stress

Beautiful skin is a sign that we take life as it is. We are happy about all the nice things in everyday life despite the difficult situations we get into. The wrinkles are a sign of our concern. So it is your responsibility that you philosophically accept life and protect yourself from everyday stress.

The truth is simple: Those who manage to see things casually despite their advanced age also look correspondingly more youthful.

The stress can only make your skin look older

Facial care avoid stress beautiful skin care

Get enough sleep at night

Beautiful skin without sleep – that is not possible! We’re not saying you should give up partying and nightlife altogether. But you have to sleep well and long at night. This helps regeneration like nothing else and makes you look young.

Sleep, on the other hand, is also very healthy for your skin

Facial care health and peaceful sleep beautiful skin tips

Don’t be afraid of old age

Have a look around! There are so many people who, despite their age, look younger than they actually are. You can achieve that too with the right mindset. The most important thing is to stay optimistic and positive. This attitude also includes not being afraid of old age, but enjoying life every moment. This, as well as the standard of living, which is improving every day thanks to science, ensure that we look fundamentally younger. So just don’t worry so much and enjoy life at any age!

Beautiful skin at any age – no problem! 

Facial care beautiful skin at any age

Natural facial care

natural face care beautiful skin tips

Tea bags against dark circles

Facial care natural face masks tea bags beautiful skin tips

Beauty from nature through the right face mask

Facial care avoid stress beautiful skin care face masks