til Schweiger German actor at the beginning of his career

The multifaceted career of Til Schweiger

 Til Schweiger is undoubtedly one of the most popular German actors and celebrities. He is also a talented director, screenwriter and producer. He was born on December 19, 1963 in Freiburg im Breisgau, but he has already had a rich film career. Some of us still remember his first films, like Manta, Manta and The Moving Man in the early 90s.

Others have known him especially since his first film with its own script – Barefoot – was shown in cinemas. In 2007 he managed one of the most successful productions in Germany with Keinohrhasen. Two years later, Til Schweiger built on the great success with two-eared chicks.

Masculine charm and pure elegance

til Schweiger actor director elegance

The producer company is called Til Schweigers Barefoot Films, that’s where his next productions came about. In 2011 Kokowääh followed with his daughter Emma Tiger Schweiger. At the beginning of 2012 he made the film Guardian Angel, with which he switched his previously known genre of romantic comedy to action drama. Here he directed again and played with his eldest daughter Luna. With the second episode of Kokowääh and with the tragic comedy honey in his head, Til Schweiger thrilled us again and did not disappoint our expectations.

Til Schweiger’s successful career as an actor, director and screenwriter is undisputed. But today we will concentrate on one of its lesser-known pages. He is not only considered to be the casual heartthrob, but he has a very refined and unmistakable style. At the beginning of 2015 he started working on an Ebay collection for men under the name Ce’Til. He was supported by the model Eva Padberg and the designer Katja Will. His fashion collection for the coming summer will be on sale online from the end of April.

The romantic type from one-eared rabbits

til Schweiger german actor keinohrhase film

Til Schweiger at the beginning of his career

til Schweiger German actor at the beginning of his career

Mature and masculine

til Schweiger german actor author producer

One of the most popular German sex symbols

til Schweiger German actor male charming

Til doesn’t stop surprising us. Since 2014 he has also made a career in interior design. In the online shop Barefoot living you can already find many stylish home accessories and pieces of furniture that were inspired by the most famous films by Til Schweiger. The idea for this came when Til Schweiger met interior designer Carde Reimerdes. It is about a living style of joy and wellbeing. The collection mainly consists of dining tables and chairs, hand-blown lamps, hand-crocheted carpets, bed linen made from natural linen and handmade ceramic tableware sets. You can feel the Scandinavian and Mallorcan influence almost everywhere.

Immerse yourself in the barefoot lifestyle and find your own personal home items from the most famous films by Til Schweiger!

Talented director and screenwriter

til Schweiger german actor director screenwriter

Til like it cared for

tilman Schweiger german actor charme charisma

Nonchalance of a special kind

tilman Schweiger german actor screenwriter

With his daughter in Kokowääh

til Schweiger german actor film

The Guardian angel

til Schweiger german actor film schutzengel

Til Schweiger in Inglourious Basterds

til Schweiger inglourious basterds

One of the funniest scenes from Kokowääh

tilman Schweiger german actor kokowääh film

The romantic comedy Keinohrhasen

til Schweiger keinohrhase actor

Seductive charisma and a sensual look

tilman Schweiger actor charming