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Alkaline foods that will make you live longer

Most current issues related to our health experience great fluctuations in the opinions of readers and experts. If you try to compare the arguments for and against coffee, you will not get a definite answer as to whether it is harmful or not.

The information is a good thing, but you have to deal with it critically and also be able to switch on your own logic, everyday experience and intuition. In doing so, one would discover that there are a number of foods that all agree are good for our health in measured amounts and when eaten correctly. If our own experience is added, which shows us from practice that this is really the case, then you can be sure that you are on the right path to good health. So it seems to be the case with basic foods.

They are there to ensure that there is a good balance between basic and acidic elements in our body.

The guide for your health

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In order for us to be in good health, we need to drink a lot of water every day. As a result, the oxygen will also be able to spread very nicely to all cells. But whether the water has acidic or basic properties actually depends on the pH value. In our body, this level should be more basic. This has a lot to do with whether we add the right foods to it.

Usually people ingest too many acids

If you analyze the eating habits of most people, you find that these very much upset the balance of PH. We consume a lot of foods that are highly acidic throughout the day. It starts with the coffee, white bread, oil and salt also belong to this category. Most types of meat and also the cheese in all its variations also show a high level of acidity. If you drink alcohol regularly, it is even worse.

It is high time you made the right decision

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The right proportion would be 70% basic foods and 30% other foods.

Determine your own level using an alkaline food table

You can pretty easily determine for yourself whether you are consuming enough alkaline foods. You could do that by downloading one of the many good basic food tables and saving it in a prominent place or even hanging it on the wall. By the way, that could be a great decoration for the dining room, right??

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We would like to make an important comment on the topic of tables. You will see that in some cases the same foods get into the basic group and the other. This is simply because in one case the products are shown in a rough, and in the other – in a cooked state. For orientation – the fruits are slightly acidic in a rough state. So, depending on where you are in the given table, you will know whether you are dealing with a table that mainly refers to the products in their cooked state.

Quality takes precedence over quantity

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Say no to the unhealthy diet at last!

basic food fresh fruits vegetables

Always buy fresh fruits and vegetables

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Green leaf salads are among the best basic foods

basic food green leaf salads

Make green smoothies and freshly squeezed juices more often

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The avocado is not only basic, but also contains valuable, unsaturated fatty acids

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Broccoli is delicious and very healthy

basic food broccoli freshly cook

Consume as much asparagus in the appropriate season as possible

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Turn fresh salads into one of your favorite dishes

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Make sure you don’t miss the juicy watermelons in summer

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Citrus fruits, on the other hand, can be enjoyed all year round

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