Rail travel across Europe – the advantages and disadvantages compared to air travel

This is the second part of our article, which focuses on the advantages and disadvantages of the Rail travel through Europe. Everything that has been said here serves primarily to compare with air travel.

Rail travel gives you the opportunity to enjoy cool views

rail travel benefits air travel vacation

You enjoy the trip

With the train you can enjoy new places, even if you don’t get off at all. Traveling by plane is quite monotonous in comparison. The landscapes that open up before your eyes from the train are unique and unforgettable.

Beautiful landscapes are revealed before your eyes

rail travel through europe advantages over air travel

Looking through the window while traveling is a favorite pastime of many people

train travel man looking through the window

A train journey turns into a real experience

rail travel europe vacation advantages disadvantages compared to air travel

Most people are calmer and more relaxed on the train. This has not only something to do with the fear of flying. the Rail travel have something contemplative and relaxing about them. Don’t feel the same way?

You are constantly connected to the Internet

We actually recommend that you switch off during your train journey and spend as little time as possible on the Internet. Still, it’s great to have a Wi-Fi network with you so you can stay in touch with friends and relatives and take some great photos. Do you agree? This is simply not possible in an airplane.

Travel through Europe with the whole family

rail travel advantages of comfortable, pleasant family

You feel very comfortable

Most international trains are very comfortable, even if you are not paying for the first price range. You will certainly have a seat and the distance between each seat is large enough. The passenger feels undisturbed on the train. This is not always the case on an airplane.

The train gives you the opportunity to afford a comfortable journey

rail travel advantages vacation travel comfortably enjoyable

The disadvantages

We don’t want to persuade you to do anything here. Our goal is to help you make an objective decision about whether rail or air travel would be the better solution for you. To be even more convincing, we also have a list of facts that could prove to be potential drawbacks when it comes to rail travel.

Rail travel can be quite expensive

The luxury quality that we often experience on trains naturally has its price. Train journeys are often very expensive, sometimes even more expensive than the flight. We want to give you the tip to buy the tickets as early as possible and look for various good offers.

Consider traveling by train in advance

rail travel advantages over air travel lifestyle

You have to allow yourself a lot of time for further trips

Destinations that are not very far away can now be reached faster by train than, for example, by plane. But of course this is not the case for the distant towns. You have to take your time, and sometimes a trip that takes a few hours by air can take you a few days by train. Of course, there is also the option of taking the night train, but in this case many of the advantages that we have just mentioned do not apply.

Children also enjoy traveling by train

rail travel benefits enjoy beautiful landscapes

Delays due to construction work

The railway infrastructure is complex and expensive. It has to be repaired again and again so that it remains safe at the high speed that is being developed. The necessary construction work can lead to significant delays.

Sometimes there are situations that could make the train journey a little longer

rail travel through europe beautiful views vacation

What is your next travel destination in Europe? Could it be that rail travel is the better transport idea? Or maybe combine traveling with the train and flying?