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Bergkristall – use and use

So simple and at the same time so extraordinary. This is how you can describe the rock crystal. It is the most widely known form of crystal in the world. This is absolutely understandable, also considering its beauty.

Rock crystals – a gift from mother earth

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Called quartz or rock crystal

gemstones mountain crystal meaning mountain crystals

In the metafilmic world, the rock crystal is seen as a gift from Mother Earth to us. The ancient people believed that it was alive. It was believed that the rock crystal breathes in every hundred years. He was seen as the incarnation of the divine.

Pure quartz

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But what does the rock crystal actually represent? The rock crystal represents pure, pure quartz. It often has a milk base.

What are rock crystals used for??

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Uses and seed growing areas of rock crystal

Quartz is highly valued for its piezoelectric and pyroelectric properties. They can be used to create mechanical pressure or to produce electromagnetic force. The rock crystal can multiply, store and convert energy.

The properties of the rock crystal

gemstones mountain crystal effect meaning mountain crystals

That is why it is used in ultrasound devices, clocks, microphones and radio stations.

The absorption and transformation properties are also used in many spiritual practices and meditations. The rock crystal is of course also used as an accessory and on souvenirs.

As a decorative item at home

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The healing physical power of the rock crystal

The quartz has been shown to have strong physical healing powers. This promotes the circulation and the immune system. Headaches and dizziness are also strongly influenced by the rock crystal. Inflammation and other acute conditions are also positively influenced by the rock crystal’s ability to carry toxins out of the body.

The healing power of quartz

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Emotional healing through the rock crystal

It is believed that the rock crystal helps a lot in meditation to improve the connection between the physical body and its energetic counterpart. Thereby one achieves more harmony and equilibrium. In addition, it enables you to think more clearly and in a more structured way.

Harmony and balance

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Often the mountain stone is placed on the third eye during meditations. This cures poor concentration. It is easy to “empty” the mind of unnecessary thoughts.

Meditation and healing techniques

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Rock crystal – expression of individuality

Among other things, the rock crystal is so popular because it is so individual. Despite the six-sided shape, each copy is actually unique. Just like people. So if you use the rock crystal as an accessory or object with a special meaning, then you have something absolutely unique. You have a rock crystal that is unlike any other in the world. This is exactly what was probably noticed in ancient times. So it is not surprising that it has been ascribed divine properties.

Rock crystal as an accessory

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The power of colors and the rock crystal

The color range of rock crystal is particularly rich. It represents a symbol for all the power of light. White contains all other colors and therefore represents light in its perfect form. For a very long time, the shine of crystals has been understood as a blessing for people.

Symbol for the power of light

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In conclusion

In conclusion, it can be said that the mountain stone is one of the most valued in the world of crystals. This applies to the purely physical and fashionable aspects as well as to the metaphysical areas of application.

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Quartz jewelry and accessories

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Leather chain with a quartz pendant

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Elegant and stylish, set with pearls

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Make rock crystal earrings yourself – easy and original

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Quartz engagement ring

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Quartz bracelet

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