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Happy life outside of the victim role

Do you know anything about applied psychology? Do you know what psychologists mean by victimhood? The term itself says a lot. However, since it is more about a mental state than a real situation, more detailed explanation is needed.

The others are always guilty!

Simply put, people feel unhappy in the role of victim and blame others for it … Do you know such people? Do you sometimes behave the same way? In fact, maybe do it more and more often?

Not good and not bad

We want to assure you in advance that we have no intention of judging anyone. The victim role is not a sin – it has its psychological explanation. Unfortunately, it is self-destructive and affects people around you in a negative way.

This is why professional help is sometimes essential

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Anyone can get into it, and in fact we all do occasionally. When we become aware of it, we naturally begin to work on overcoming it. When we do this, we become stronger and happier.

So don’t be afraid to look this attitude in the face! As I said, the fact that you take on the role of victim occasionally or often is not so bad at all. Lots of people do that. The few people acknowledge it and do something to overcome it. Doing this is in itself a brave decision and it pulls us out of the victim role.

The symptoms

What symptoms do people show who play the “victim role”? These are behaviors and beliefs that essentially have one thing in common: They prevent you from living a happy life.

This role often also has an impact in everyday working life

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Life is a tough challenge

Victims see the world as a bad place. All people, in their opinion, are evil. “The others” would do something bad rather than good to you. Victims find something bad in even the best of situations.

External communication

There are two typical behaviors here. Such people either find someone to whom they complain permanently. They are not interested in any other way of looking at things. Rather, they want confirmation that they are indeed victims. To get rid of such a person, you simply need to deny them the right to be a victim. Yes, you will now also count among “the others” and “bad guys”, but you will no longer be burdened by their bad energy.

Avoid people who constantly complain and exude negative energy

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In the second, most widespread variant, people in the role of victims withdraw into deep depression

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This choice is arguably worse. Not only does it destroy the chances of a happy life later, but it can also have serious health consequences.

Bless you

Most of the time people in the role of victim have many health problems due to the negative, self-destructive attitude.

They will deepen more over time if they do not change their attitudes

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Reasons for being a victim

When and why does a person choose to play the victim role instead of building a happy life? It’s very individual. Unfortunately, this has a lot to do with the upbringing at home. When parents play the victim role, children grow up feeling that this is the normal way of life.

Therefore give your children an open, courageous and positive approach to life

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Furthermore, the assumption of the victim role could be connected with the too high demands and the feeling of being overwhelmed. If we were too often in situations where we failed, it could come to that.

A real misfortune could be the reason. Losses, accidents, attacks of violence sometimes hit us so hard that we live under their depressive influence long after they occurred.

Remember, understand, overcome

In our opinion, and also according to the opinion of many successful psychologists, the allegations are of no help. The “victim people”, who we all are in principle sometimes, should explore their feelings. Ask yourself individually whether and why you feel like a victim. When was the first time this happened to you? Is it a “family tradition” to be unhappy? Often we come to the right answers intuitively. They can be logical, but not necessarily. If you feel like you weren’t liked as a baby, you might be true, even if you have no memories of the time. These have just been preserved on an intuitive level.

They can also affect the love relationship later

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Help the others

You can only help others if they really want it… or if you are an excellent psychologist…. The support should come less with reproaches and more than understanding.

Try to work with this person to find out where their negative attitudes come from

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What should you do after that?

What should we do after we become aware of when and how we have become victims? First, you should never stop looking for it. Most people come across multiple answers. Each additional one is usually either deeper within us or it shows us a different aspect of the same thing.

But that’s almost all you have to do. As soon as we understand the victim role as an attitude, we have largely overcome it. We look at it, and that means it is no longer part of us. Now we are moving away from it slower or faster. Where? To new behavior patterns and a happy life. Great right?

Free yourself from the victim role and experience real freedom!

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 Stay out in the fresh air as often as possible and do enough exercise

happy life sports fresh air nature

Yoga is also a recommended strategy

happy life yoga sport meditation

Don’t forget the work-life balance!

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