Sustainable Clothing Myths You Shouldn’t Believe

The topic of the environment or sustainable fashion has been super modern lately. However, it is extremely doubtful whether this will update the public’s attitudes to the subject. False information is often disseminated to the public.

Sustainable fashion

sustainable clothing trend what is sustainable fashion

It is the responsibility of all of us to love and promote fashion and to create more clarity in this area. We intend to do the same, which is why we are publishing some articles on this topic.

Eco fashion is not just a trend

sustainable clothing myths reveal sustainable fashion traits

Would you like to find out which are the usual myths that people wrongly associate with the term sustainable fashion? Here is a list of typical misunderstood myths about sustainable clothing.

Would you also like to act environmentally friendly and live sustainably?

sustainable clothing myths reveal green fashion living sustainably

Myth number 1: eco-friendly clothing is expensive

In recent years, designers have enjoyed working on sustainable clothing and more and more companies are making such garments. Demand is also increasing. This naturally creates the necessary prerequisites for the spread of sustainable fashion.

There are brands that were even created with the idea of ​​offering sustainable fashion. Such are, for example, Earth Positive, Patagonia, Picture Organic. But there are also others who have existed for a longer time and have switched to the sustainable trend.

Sustainable fashion is inexpensive

sustainable clothing myths reveal sustainable fashion

This certainly does not apply to their entire range, but some models – and they are provided with the appropriate symbols.

Environmentally friendly fashion can be bought on the Internet and that is an additional relief for the consumer. There you can get these, like all other goods, cheaper.

Myth number 2: Sustainable fashion doesn’t look good

This is another very common myth. Eco fashion is not uncomfortable or ugly. On the contrary: It immediately combines the best of the innovations and offers us clothes that are beautiful, very healthy and easy to care for.

In Europe, organic clothing production is more and more the rule and it has really good things to offer.

Ethics + aesthetics = sustainable fashion

sustainable clothing myths reveal what is sustainable fashion

Myth number 3: Shopping for sustainable clothing is not helping our planet anyway

Yes, it makes a difference to our planet whether or not you buy sustainable clothing. But change takes time. Never underestimate the great value of a good example. The simple buyers who have repeatedly opted for sustainable clothing in recent years are those who have ensured that we can now talk about a major trend.

The fact that the manufacturers of fast fashion are already participating is the greatest proof of this.

We can save the world!

sustainable clothing myths reveal sustainable fashion trend

environmental friendliness

sustainable clothing what is sustainable fashion

Myth number 4: Sustainable fashion does not differ in quality from any other

That is another wrong assumption. Sustainable fashion is fundamentally more qualitative than the other. It is also healthier because it has not been processed with harmful chemicals.

As a rule, this industry works with natural textiles, which also ensure that your skin breathes well and also stays healthier.

Make quality a priority!

sustainable clothing myths reveal green fashion