Cook the chayote green pear-shaped

Growing chayote at home

Do you know chyote? If you have been to Latin America or have tried the typical cuisine there, you are probably already familiar with this exotic plant. The chayote falls into the group of pumpkins. The fruits are pear-shaped. Once green, they can also be eaten in the form of salads.

They can also be fried or steamed. In this case, they are cooked like potatoes and zucchini.

The plant has a great endurance and is very resistant to all diseases and pests. In Latin America itself, the chayote is a perennial herb. But in Europe this type of vegetable is not very well known, it is often only grown in orangeries.

The exotic plant also in Europe

chayote pear shaped green plant

What you need to know about caring for chayote

Do you want to grow chayote at home? It is an exotic vegetable. It shows a very long vegetative period. The simplest method is to insert the entire stick. Also, if you plan to plant the chayote in the garden, you should first plant a stick in a vegetable pot at home. The best time to do this is in February. After a week or two, the chayote will develop and can then be transplanted into the yard. In March or April, the young plant can then be used in the open space, i.e. in the garden. You can enjoy a long harvest season if you schedule everything the same way.

Chayote belongs to the pumpkin family

chayote exotic plant fruit pumpkins family

The chayote is a climbing plant

The chayote is a climbing plant. Because of this, it is essential that it is used in the right place. It is better to build a stutz that the chayote can climb up on. It is recommended that more than one plant be used. That would have a positive role in propagation. The harvest will be much more abundant.

Prepare fresh, green smoothies

chayote freshly squeezed green smoothies

Organic fertilizers

We would also like to use the topic of planting chayote as an occasion to advocate using as many organic fertilizers as possible. The amount that is recommended in this case would be 3 kilograms on 1 – 2 square meters of soil. The chayote grows very quickly and has a lot of growths. Those that are not used for the support on the ground can be cut out. You can use them to further spread the vegetable variety and also to start a new plant. The growths, which are rod-shaped, can be cooked and eaten like asparagus.

Delicious chicken soup

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Flower pot or garden

You can grow this exotic plant not only in the garden, but also at home in a flower container. We already mentioned the approach. As I said, you should first plant the chayote in a flower pot before using it in the garden. The lower part must remain free. It would be important, in this and in other cases, that you place de Chayote in a place where there is plenty of water and sun.

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chayote pear avocado salad

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