This week we plan to take a closer look at different diets and diets. We have already reported on the OMAD diet (One Meal A Day) and outlined the pluses and minuses of this strict form of intermittent fasting. Today we focus on the metabolic diet, also known as the “Easy Body System”. Like other popular diets, the metabolic diet promises quick weight loss without the yo-yo effect and unwanted food cravings. How exactly this diet works, how long you have to keep it and which foods are on the menu, we want to explain in the following. If you are interested, stick to it and let us inform you about it.

Have you already had a personal experience with the promising metabolic diet??

Metabolic Diet Easy Body System Low Carb Diet Fish Tomatoes Green Beans Peas Rice

What is a metabolic diet?

As the name of the diet suggests, this is a nutritional method that stimulates the metabolism. The “Easy Body System” is a simple diet that you only keep for 2 weeks and lose around 10 kilos in this short time. That sure sounds promising and too good to be true, doesn’t it?

Wait a minute, we’re about to reveal the secret of the metabolic diet. This is not a single form of nutrition, but a number of diets that are all based on the principles of the low-carb diet. In order to boost your metabolism and get rid of excess body fat, you have to rely on protein-rich foods. Carbohydrates should be avoided altogether, and sugar and alcohol should be eliminated from the menu. One must also be careful with the consumption of salt and oils. However, there is a less strict variant of the metabolic diet that allows the consumption of pasta, wholemeal pastries and bananas on certain days.

 The low-carb diet is the basis of the metabolic diet.

Metabolic Diet Easy Body System Low Carb Diet Fresh Vegetables Asparagus White Cabbage


The carbohydrate free diet plan is nothing new to health professionals and diet professionals. However, the goal of the metabolic diet is to change the body’s metabolism. If you do not consume carbohydrates, then the body looks for a substitute for it and finds it in the fat deposits. The replacement carbohydrates or the so-called ketogens serve as an energy source in this case. This process leads to rapid weight loss. Food cravings are ruled out here because you can eat as much protein-rich food as you want. This curbs your appetite and activates your metabolism. You will also feel a pleasant feeling of satiety. Great is not it?

A strict diet plan is always the key to success …

Metabolic Diet Easy Body System Working Out A Rigorous Diet Plan Key To Success

 … .. in this case for healthy weight loss.

Metabolic Diet Easy Body System Working Out A Strict Diet Plan Key To Healthy Weight Loss

What can you eat and drink during the metabolic diet??

 As we have already emphasized, the metabolic diet is equated with the low-carb diet. To get good results with a carbohydrate-free diet plan, you need to stick to what is known as the “one-pound formula”. This means that you can only consume 1 kilo of food a day. For example 300 g vegetables, 200 g dairy products, 200 g cereals or potatoes, 100 g lean meat or fish, 200 g fruit. You can find well-put together menu plans on the Internet if you decide on the metabolic diet. The best thing to do is to seek advice from your doctor or a nutritionist on exactly what to include in your daily menu. The good news is that you can drink as much as you want. The following drinks are recommended: unsweetened tea, coffee (also with milk) and unlimited amounts of water.

You can drink as much water as you want.

Metabolic diet Easy-Body-System drink plenty of water at breakfast to stimulate the metabolism


Extra tip: The coffee aunts have to be very careful with their favorite drink during the metabolic diet. Drinking too much coffee a day can have negative consequences such as palpitations and diarrhea.

Fish, quark, cream cheese and the like must be integrated into your diet.

Integrate the metabolic diet Easy-Body-System Quark Cream Cheese Eggs into the nutrition plan

Lean meat, liver, boiled eggs, and legumes are recommended in the metabolic diet.

Healthy product sources of zinc.

 There is a lot of vitamin C in fresh fruits and vegetables. Therefore, these products should definitely be part of your eating plan.

Metabolic diet Easy-Body-System Fresh fruits Vegetables contain a lot of vitamin C.

 More tips for anyone who wants to lose weight with a metabolic diet


Last but not least, we would like to give you a few tips so that the metabolic diet does not have any negative consequences for you or does not lead to any health problems.

  • Put together a low-carb eating plan for a period of 7 days. The intended foods can then be repeated for a further 7 days.
  • The total duration of the diet is two weeks and must not be exceeded!
  • If you feel full while eating, it is advisable not to eat anything.
  • In principle, you can have as many meals a day as you want.
  • However, choose food rich in vitamins that does not contain carbohydrates.
  • Eat slowly and enjoy every meal!

Follow our tips and you will definitely lose a lot during your metabolic diet without the yo-yo effect!

 The metabolic diet is also suitable for older people who are overweight.

Metabolic diet Easy-Body-System is also suitable for older people who are overweight

It’s really worth trying the metabolic diet.

Metabolic Diet Easy Body System Low Carb Diet Basis of this diet

Increase your metabolism in the morning!

Metabolic Diet Easy Body System Healthy Breakfast A Cup Of Coffee Boost Your Metabolism

 A white cabbage, carrot and cucumber salad for lunch?

Metabolic diet Easy-Body-System white cabbage carrots cucumber salad for lunch activate the metabolism

The metabolic diet depends on protein-rich food.

Metabolic Diet Easy Body System Protein-rich Food Dairy Products Cheese Fish Shrimp Beans

Metabolic diet Easy-Body-System a bowl of cheese puree carrot leek next to it

Metabolic diet Easy-Body-System Shrimps prepared in the pan