Your preferences for coffee types and the way you drink them say a lot about your character

You may never have thought too much about that Types of coffee and about the exact way in which the seductively scented coffee drink is prepared. It is well known that the little things say a lot about our personality. And coffee is one of those things. Would you like to learn curious facts about what our coffee drinking habits say about our character?

Coffee drinks and specialties

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making coffee

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A cup of cappuccino? 

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Do you like cappuccino better than everyone else? Types of coffee? That means you tend to be in control of everything. On the one hand, you may be more obsessive than other people, but your love for cappuccino also shows some good qualities. You are probably a creative person who does everything with a strong motivation.

Is cappuccino your favorite drink?

Types of coffee cappuccino coffee beverages coffee effect

Tasty coffee

Would you rather enjoy a coffee with a sweet aftertaste? So you are a playful and cheerful person. You arguably still always ready to have a good time with friends and family. Perhaps sometimes you are not so fresh in the morning, but you prefer and act better in the evening and at night.

Coffee with a sweet aftertaste

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Ristretto coffee fans

It’s a rare and characterful choice. As a person, you probably are too. Or maybe you are a little too picky about it from time to time. Look for a bit of variety – in coffee and in life!

Ristretto – a very concentrated and therefore strong espresso

Types of coffee ristretto coffee coffee beverages coffee effect

Espresso lovers

They make everything easy and get to the point. You are probably always in a hurry and want to get everything done very quickly. As a person, you arguably also be a leader, work very hard towards your goals, and know how to get what you need in life.

Determined people prefer to drink espresso

Types of coffee espresso coffee drinks coffee effect

Long brown coffee is preferred by many people

If you enjoy long brown coffee, you are an open person and say everything as honestly and directly as you think it is. They do not forge intrigues, are not deceitful and therefore have a lot of honest friends around them. You pursue your goals and mostly achieve them. Sometimes they seem too serious, but that’s only if you know it’s worth doing.

Black coffee with a little milk

Types of coffee black coffee coffee drinks coffee effect

Latte drinkers

You have an elaborate taste and minimalism is not your thing in any area of ​​life. But that’s only because you like to enjoy life. You want everything to be smooth and easy. You avoid most difficulties, not because you can’t overcome them, but because you react bravely when the going gets serious.

Enjoy a cup of latte macchiato 

Types of coffee Latte Macchiato Coffee drinks Coffee effect

Soy milk drinkers

Although it is healthier, most people drink their coffee with regular milk instead of soy. Is the opposite true for you? This can mean that you are a little too demanding of yourself and of others. And you may think the world revolves around you. Don’t always be so serious and enjoy life more!

Coffee with soy milk

Types of coffee Coffee with soy milk Coffee drinks Coffee effect

Iced coffee – the best selection in summer

Types of coffee Iced coffee Coffee drinks Coffee effect

And of course, keep drinking your favorite coffee!

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