fancy handbags, toasted bread slices

Fancy handbags and backpacks that look extremely tasty

Perhaps you were just as irritated at the beginning as we were when you saw these fancy handbags and backpacks. Not true? Have you asked yourself what does bread have to do with fashion or art? The answer to that question is hidden in the remarkable collection from Canadian-born designer and artist Chloe Wise.

Nowadays she lives and works in New York and focuses on sculpture, paintings and drawings, collages and digital art.

In 2013 she started her collection of sculptures, which were accomplished in the form of handbags and backpacks with well-known fashion brands such as Chanel, Moschino and Louis Vuitton. The extraordinary bags are made of urethane and painted with oil paint. The first piece in the collection was the Louis Vuitton baguette hanging bag, which looks extremely realistic. This was followed by other creations such as the Prada yeast loaf and the Chanel bagel handbag, which the designer “Bagel No. 5. “called.

Chanel pancake bag

fancy handbags pancake honey

In an interview with Lucky Magazine, Wise shares that the inspiration for this collection comes from the idea that bread is a symbol of high status and wealth. “I wanted to create the connection between the idolization of luxury goods in fashion and the importance of consumer goods in art.”

In October 2014, actress India Menuez of all things got the “Bagel No. 5 ”bag at the launch event for the film Chanel No. 5 worn. The audience and the media thought it was a real Chanel. Shortly afterwards, it became clear that the bag was created by Wise and is part of their 2013 collection. “I wanted to make it clear that the bags are actually not fashion items, but works of art. At the same time I really enjoyed the interest of the fashion world and the media, ”admits the artist.

Take a look at the collection for yourself and feel the uniqueness of these works of art, which look like luxury fashion items. Have fun being amazed!

The little toast handbag

fancy handbags bread slices jam

Mini bagel bag from Chanel

fancy handbags bagel sesame

Moschino bun bag

fancy handbags, bread rolls, butter

Pigtail cake with poppy seeds to take away

fancy handbags chanel pigtail cake

A retro style breakfast bag

fancy handbags breakfast

Delicious bag with salmon and onions

fancy handbags small salmon onion

Prada plait tart bag with sesame seeds

fancy handbags prada plait cake

Moschino waffle bag

fancy handbags waffle

Bakery pieces variety

fancy handbags bakery pieces