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Boredom what to do Or learn to enjoy boredom

Modern man needs to be entertained all the time. “I’m bored” is a saying that is heard far too often. The expressions “boredom!” “What to do?” Are perceived by many as synonyms of despair.

What’s behind it?

Is It Really Bad to Be Bored? Does this really have to do with the fact that we have no occupation or is it the expression of a special attitude that is perceived as a hurdle to our happiness??

Let us now discuss these and similar questions.

Turn boredom into a relaxed holiday feeling

boredom what to do vacation beach relaxation

Here is our challenge to you: Now ask yourself the question: boredom – what to do or what to enjoy?

Then do it all over again at the end of this article.

A few more questions

Let’s go on with a few more questions. In our opinion, this should be faced by all people who too often feel bored. Why is boredom so scary? What is so terrible about those beautiful moments when our senses can relax? Do the little intellectual pursuits with which we fill our time really make more sense than boredom?

Learn some relaxation techniques!

boredom what to do listen to music relax

Is it indeed boredom or an inability to be quiet and recover??

We know that it is not that easy to find answers to all of these questions quickly. But when you start to deal with it, you would probably become aware of the following: The critical examination of the saying “I’m bored” could lead to a deep rethinking of your own philosophy of thought. In particular, the negative thought patterns could be revealed. That would also be the beginning of the way to overcome them.

Boredom can lurk anywhere

boredom what to do meeting office workplace

Boredom and loneliness

Many people want to do something about boredom because they fear that they would otherwise feel all alone and abandoned. Try to understand. Bringing the two terms together is a choice that everyone makes for themselves. It is by no means self-evident. You can actually fill the time of boredom with a lot of great activities that you would not have been able to do with other people.

Fear of thinking

“I’m bored” is also a kind of cry for help for some people. So you mean to say that it is in such periods that terrible existential questions invade you. If you want to do something about boredom, then you actually express in a veiled way that you want to protect yourself from such thoughts. But does that have to be? Wouldn’t it be smarter to deal with the critical questions and find a suitable answer to them?

Keep a personal diary

boredom what do children teenagers keep a diary

Inability to organize one’s own everyday life

Now let’s be honest: can it really be boring for a hardworking person? There is so much to do in this life! You can clean up, cook, read, play sports, do charitable work. But not everyone can muster the discipline and effort to organize everything themselves. If depression is not involved (it is a special case of the panic fear of boredom) then it is probably about working diligently on our own development and not waiting for someone else to lead us on this path.

Painting is not only good for children

boredom what do children do activities paint

Children and boredom

You can also apply everything that has been said so far when bringing up your children. Try to understand again and again what is behind the expression, “I’m bored”. Which of the settings just described would be the reason for this sentence?

While you help your children to do something about the feeling of boredom, you support them in their development.

A few pursuits that help universally

Regardless of whether you structure your everyday life in a difficult way or are really melancholy and envious of depression, the following activities could be universally useful against boredom.

Board games are almost always a perfect idea against boredom

boredom what do board games

Sports and leisure activities

As a rule, sports and outdoor pursuits are always a better way to get “bored”. When cycling, jogging or taking a walk, bad thoughts are usually not so serious either. Try looking at nature or the sunset. This could bring you so much! It will also keep you in shape and look good when the “better times” come.

Play together outdoors

boredom what do children family play soccer

The garden always offers something exciting

boredom what do kindergarten nature

Just let your children let off steam outside

boredom what are children doing outside games rain

Hula hoop for young and old

boredom what to do hula-hoop children meadow

Do you like art?

Are you interested in art? Dedicate yourself to it as soon as you feel “I’m bored”. She will get them out of this state. At the same time, you will work on your intellectual and spiritual development.

Rethink your life

And if you find boredom so bad, think about what made you feel like this in your life. What can you change so that you don’t continue to feel like this? Who knows if you won’t create a sustainable positive turnaround that will bring you real happiness …

So boredom is usually not that bad. The things that happen to us during this are frightening. Because with it the negatives come from within. We have a choice between continuing to suppress it or overcoming it.

Try baking cookies!

boredom what do children bake cookies

Why don’t you think about everything that has been said here. Answer the question now and then again after a certain time: “Boredom? Do what or enjoy! ”. Deal with it again and again after a certain period of time. In the best case scenario, you would then be able to measure the progress in your own personal development.

Dogs can feel bored too – go for a walk together

boredom what to do pet dog go for a walk

Make your day-to-day work a little more exciting

boredom what to do drink coffee laptop work

Learn from cats!

boredom what to do cats sleep relax