The unpleasant stains on our popular clothes are one of the big disappointments that one can imagine in everyday life. However, you must not despair of it. With a few simple tips and tricks, you can make it all right very quickly. Learn how to do this in the next few lines!

Rust stains are annoying, but you shouldn’t despair of them!

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You need to know this before removing rust stains!

Why is it difficult to remove rust stains? The reason is that the metal particles penetrate the textile pretty quickly and deeply. So it’s a household chore for superheroes. That is why you should try first of all to avoid the rust stains at all.

There are a number of effective detergents for rust stains

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Household tips to avoid rust stains

Basically, the rust stains arise when you lay a wet piece of clothing on a piece of metal or a piece of metal furniture. Part of the metal surface remains on the textile. The wetness turns it into rust. This happens quite often with broken or old drying racks. Some of the paint or surface treatment has fallen off and the clothes come into direct contact with the metal. So be sure to avoid these situations!

When buying a ready-made rust stain detergent, you should strictly follow the instructions for its use 

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Special detergents against rust and professional cleaning

There are specialized cleaning agents on the market that you can use to remove rust stains. They are quite expensive, but they also provide very safe results. There are two main objections to this. One is that they contain a lot of chemistry and the second is that they are quite expensive. The primary concern of your own health when treating clothes with these chemical cleaners would be. Use gloves that can protect your skin. You would also have to strictly follow the instructions and check that the detergent is suitable for the fabric you are treating. Either it has to be in the description or you should ask the seller specifically about the risks. When it comes to very valuable items of clothing, we recommend professional cleaning.

Some detergents can effectively remove fresh rust stains

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Lemon for removing rust stains

Having lemon at home is a powerful tool for removing a rust stain. The lemon juice can penetrate the textile and remove the dirt. It’s pretty easy to use this homemade recipe. Take a lemon, cut it in half and squeeze it onto the stain. Wait 2 to 3 minutes and wash off. You could repeat that a couple of times. You can also add a little salt for stubborn stains.

Rust stains occur when wet textiles come into contact with metal

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Apple Cider Vinegar

You can also use apple cider vinegar to remove rust stains. The principle of application is roughly the same. In this case, you should first wet the area with the stain. Then add the apple cider vinegar. Let stand for about 10 minutes and wash off.

It is best to remove the dirt before it has become stubborn

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Washing-up liquid

The detergent can also do a lot more than clean dishes. You can also use it to remove rust stains, among other things. However, this works pretty well, especially with fresh dirt. These have not yet penetrated very deeply into the tissue and therefore cleaning them is relatively easy.

The white and colored textiles have their own specifics

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Soda as a cleaning agent

Baking soda is another very universal detergent. It can also help remove rust stains. You first need a spoonful of it, which you dissolve in a container with two tablespoons of water. This should ideally be lukewarm. Stir well until it becomes a uniform, soft mass. Apply this directly to the stain and treat with vigorous movements without pressing very hard. In most cases, rust stains can be removed without any problems using this method.

For luxury garments, consider professional cleaning 

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Remove rust stains with sparkling water

The sparkling water could also be used wonderfully to remove rust stains. It will also penetrate the fabric without damaging it and will help remove rust. So pour some sparkling water over the stain. Wait about ten minutes and rinse off.

Clothespins could also cause rust stains!

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Take the colors and type of textile into account when removing rust stains

The color and type of fabric are of course crucial if you want to remove rust stains. With the white clothes we can use several remedies at the same time, which have a good effect. Discoloration is not a risk here. Again, you should be careful that the medium does not contain any dyes! We don’t want one stubborn stain to be replaced by another. We would like clean clothes!

Lemon and salt are two popular remedies for rust stains 

Remove rust - lemons and salt

The fabric

For very fine textiles, we would recommend that you use the gentle variants such as washing-up liquid or sparkling water. For stubborn stains, you can carefully consider a combination of two of the remedies mentioned. Of course, less caution is required with more robust textiles. In case of doubt, and especially with valuable, particularly popular items of clothing, we would avoid any risk. Consider professional cleaning!