10 home decor ideas for a beautiful country-style home

The cold months are beautiful somewhere in the country. Do you have the opportunity to spend longer there? If you don’t have a house in the country, the following tips can help you recreate some of the rural atmosphere in your city apartment.

Home furnishing ideas in the country house style for a cozy kitchen

living ideas kitchen storage space ideas kitchen island

Home furnishing ideas – decorate the hallway in a rural style

home furnishing ideas hallway furnishing country style

In any case, the beautiful furnishing ideas for rural houses are always an encouraging topic for the cold season. Here are some typical elements that make up a mandatory part of the character of a country house.

A room in pink

The striking colors are typical of the country house. You should use this in at least one of the rooms. For example, you can add a lot of warmth in the living room with pink. This color is also a very good background for art depicting nature. Spread the effect of the selected eye-catching color with throw pillows and other accents in this shade.

Color the living room walls in shades of pink

home decor ideas living room country style large windows

Combine mild colors and create a cozy ambience

home decor ideas light pink wall corner sofa carpet floor country style

Architectural elements

Old traditions are maintained in the country and this must also be reflected in the design of the apartment. You have to see that somewhere in the interior design as well. For example, we can make the mantelpiece richer and be inspired by classic design elements and ornaments. You can also use reliefs to decorate niches and above windows.

A winter terrace

In the country we have a beautiful view of the garden. The interior and exterior ambience are separated by large windows that merge the boundaries between the two. You can transfer this atmosphere into a room in your apartment by decorating it with plenty of plants.

Make the winter terrace stylish

home decor ideas winter terrace plants

A room in which you can leave your dirty shoes and clothes without having to worry

In the country we are constantly walking between inside and outside. Nobody really wants to do without it for fear of getting dirty. You simply need a room next to the entrance area that is larger and in which you can calmly exchange your dirty shoes for clean slippers. There should also be space here for jackets and other items of clothing for outside. In many apartments it would also be helpful to set up a wide, well-separated hallway.

Furnishing ideas for the small hallway

home decor ideas home ideas hallway carpet runner

Round dining room table

Family dinners are so charming in the country that this large and dignified space should be allocated. This includes, among other things, a beautiful dining room table. In the country, most of them are oval because there is more space available and because more people can be seated there.

Striped carpet and subdued light

living ideas dining room round dining table strip carpet

Elegant table decoration and hanging lamp

living ideas dining room round dining table floor tiles

Round table and white dining room chairs make the room appear elegant

living ideas dining room round table white chairs long curtains

An inviting front door

We have such a longing for rural life because there human relationships are still real. There you are not locked, but you are happy to receive uninvited guests. An appealing entrance area is part of the rural style.

Decoration ideas with flowers for the entrance

home furnishing ideas entrance decoration plants wooden chair

An appealing entrance will give you a good first impression

home decor ideas entrance decor ideas welcome

Open frame with several shelves above the kitchen island

You can position an open frame made of stainless steel over the kitchen island. This goes well with the country style and is very convenient for hanging and storing larger saucepans, frying pans, and other types of cookware.

Storage space ideas for the kitchen

living ideas kitchen kitchen island storage space

Garden with lots of flowers

You need to find space for your flowers on the terrace or elsewhere. A beautiful garden is always part of the rural style of house design.

Flowers bring joy and freshness to every garden

garden design ideas flowers garden ideas

Colorful and funny

garden design ideas flowers colored deco ideas

Big bathtub

In the country you have enough space for a spacious bathroom and you would practically always have to place or build a bathtub in it.

Country-style bathroom – wood accents and a bathtub

bathroom design round wall mirror bathtub

The country house style can also be particularly stylish

bathroom design stripe carpet bathtub green side table

Desk in the kitchen

The wooden desk in the kitchen goes well with the country atmosphere and is also very practical. You can sit there and write down some more complicated recipes. The desk could be foldable so that it doesn’t take up much space when not in use.

Integrate a desk in the kitchen

living ideas kitchen desk tulips separate areas

The desk in the kitchen is a very functional solution

living ideas kitchen desk kitchen island wooden floor

Rural design ensures a lot of mood in autumn and winter. But this also has an incomparable charm in an urban setting. No matter where you live, you can benefit from the great atmosphere that you can create.

home furnishing ideas winter terrace design green rattan chairs

garden design ideas garden plants areas garden furniture

living ideas kitchen work surface desk

home decor ideas desk dining area

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living room ideas kitchen storage space ideas bench

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