absolute no-go for renovations white kitchen furniture shiny marble worktop

Absolute no-go for renovating the house

Before starting your home renovation project, check out the following 10 things not to do

Sooner or later, many homeowners come to the point when renovating their home becomes “vital”. Maybe that’s already in front of you – you want to give your room more space, renew the materials or achieve a new functionality.

Before you begin, however, there are a few things you need to consider. We have collected a lot for you so that you don’t make any mistakes.

Don’t assume that you can accomplish every DIY project in your home:

The DIY projects are actually very different. Before you decide on something specific, think about whether you have the knowledge and experience to do it. Some need more expertise than others. You may not know how to safely turn off the power to swap the lights.

Don’t count on your friends and family if you need help, they may not be experienced enough:

To save money, many homeowners plan to seek help from their friends and family. However, this can lead to costly mistakes, personal injury, and damage to important elements in your home. Yes, these people could help move furniture and clean, but only rely on experienced people for home renovations. So, first of all, ask your friends how much experience they have.

Everything fresh and shiny after the renovation

absolute no-go for renovation beautiful base cabinets made of walnut wood

Never assume that your budget will not exceed your evaluations.

You have certainly done your homework and calculated your evaluation for the costs of the materials, effort and renovation elements. But you also have to calculate a reserve. Many projects encounter unexpected obstacles. Work on the walls could lead to surprises when installing the electricity, water or during construction work.

Don’t think that a weekend project only takes a weekend:

As with the point above, time is another valuable resource that shouldn’t be underestimated. Many TV shows show us how to carry out the projects within 2-3 days, but then the work of many professionals is hidden in the background. So, the time you have to calculate depending on your experience, your craftsmen and your help. If you should take a vacation to renovate, plan on adding an extra day or two before it starts and after it ends for coverage.

A touch of romance with the large metal bed with filigree ornaments made of wrought iron

an absolute no-go for renovating metal beds with floral ornaments

Ensure extra budget and effort in planning the home improvement project.

Don’t miss out on local requirements and government regulations

Depending on your place of residence, the legal requirements should be taken into account. Especially if you’re doing an outside pool, building foundations, or building electricity and water systems. Perhaps the building supervisory staff should be informed about this.

Use the power of images with your service providers

When you hire a renovation contractor, communication and understanding with them are very important. The pictures you can find on the internet or in magazines are quite helpful. The service provider must have a clear idea of ​​what the project should look like in the end – do not rely on verbal descriptions and your ideas.

Antique chest of drawers and sun wall mirror

absolute no-go for renovation massive beams made of coarse wood, leopard pattern

Find the right images for your service provider so that the desired result is there.

Do not put your safety at risk so that the project can be done faster or cheaper

You might take it for granted, but the hospitals are full of injured people who avoided these incidents. Ensure scaffolding, ladder, and belt. If you are not familiar with this, then hire a professional for your project.

Do not start your project until you have prepared everything

Before you begin demolishing, you must be certain that all equipment, materials, and supplies are in place. If not, just wait and see, otherwise your kitchen or bathroom could be inoperable for days.

Summer terrace with columns and lots of vegetation

absolute no-go of the renovation summer terrace with privacy screen

Do not get excited about a project if it does not suit your circumstances

You have certainly seen great kitchens in the magazines, but you should also research how much the materials, effort and time they cost. Perhaps your family will be disturbed for weeks by not being able to use the kitchen or bathroom or by having a blocked access to a room. Do your homework beforehand so that you are ready for anything.

Old-fashioned style table lamps and walnut countertop

absolute no-go for renovation classic table lamps made of aluminum

Decide on the desired renovation and seek advice from a specialist.

Don’t assume that your dream project is impossible

Many would believe that a renovation is impossible if they have no idea of ​​the cost, effort and resources involved. But do not miss out on your dream, do your research for the first time. If you can’t afford the full project, or if you don’t have any ideas right now, take the time. Inquire with architects, interior designers, landscapers and service providers. These professionals can take your project to the point, and at such cost, you thought was incredible. Your home is a huge investment, take the time to research how to make a one-off renovation project.

An aesthetic balance of stone, ceramic and wood

absolute no-go for the renovation white floor tiles stone covering on the plinth and on the wall

Metallic shine, warm light and reddish cupboards made of cherry wood

absolute no-go for renovation stylish pendant lamps shiny kitchen appliances

       Sleek design with plenty of natural light from Andrus Builtan absolute no-go for renovating factory lamps made of shiny aluminum

Tasteful furnishings, seamless transition and elegant dark wood stairs

absolute no-go for renovation elegant stairs made of walnut wood