attractive guest room design cherry wood light nuances

Attractive guest room design

Next time you have an overnight visit, make sure that the guests are in good hands beforehand. Is your guest room attractive and inviting? Is it well ventilated and bright enough? Guest rooms or mother-in-law suites are actually a combination of bedroom and bathroom, separated from the rest of the apartment by a connecting door.

Sometimes there is also a kitchenette and an additional dining and living room. Even if you’ve already designed a guest room, there’s always something new to learn. So take a look at the next pictures and reconsider the practical ideas. It may be that the right design is already there for you.

 Design a guest room in beautiful colors and with an inviting texture from Terrat Elms Interior Design

attractive guest room design ocher ornaments bedspreads turquoise pillows

Wall decoration is an easy way to achieve more life and diversity in the guest room. Use colors that are warm and inviting, such as beige and yellow. The wallpaper technique is a great method that can add a luxurious touch to the suite. You can also create a relaxing ambience for your guests by using photo wallpapers with nature motifs. A view of the sea, a sunny meadow or a romantic forest path in autumn can make a big difference. Wall lights are an indispensable addition to the room furnishings. So your guests can always adjust the light according to their own needs.

Choose colors that suit the season – idea of Su Casa Designs

attractive guest room design beautiful floral patterns

Find suitable furniture

If you want to convert the mother-in-law suite into a calming and welcoming space, your best bet would be to get modern, sleek furniture. A refined and uniform design calls for a successful combination of chest of drawers, bedside tables and wardrobe. A narrow double bed also fits perfectly.

Usually an armchair or a small sofa is sufficient for the reading corner. If there is more space, you could just as easily set up a larger sitting area in front of the TV. A possible kitchenette can be beautifully furnished with a small dining table and two kitchen chairs.

 The textiles should be just as inviting and smooth – Meredith L. Bohn Interior Design

attractive guest room design narrow double bed made of wrought iron

Do not forget! Comfort always remains the highest priority. Use only good quality bedding and a comforter that will match the color of the wall. Set luxurious accents with elegant decorative pillows and make sure that there are always enough blankets and fitted sheets in the closet. The blinds and curtains can be tastefully combined with the bed linen. It is more important, however, to allow guests the perfect dose of daylight.

No matter when and why you come to visit, you will always be on the safe side with a comfortable and invitingly furnished guest room. Which design style you choose is entirely up to you. It is important that your guests feel comfortable and can relax with you.

So, if these ideas and examples prove useful to you too, consider carefully which ones would be applicable and suitable for your own guest room!

A modern, rustic ambience

attractive guest room design rustic and colorful

A touch of romance

attractive guest room design with a romantic bed canopy

Stylish and very comfortable

attractive guest room design spacious and bright

Quilt in pastel colors and lots of natural light

attractive guest room design subtle and fresh

Subtle colors and patterns

attractive guest room design colorful cushions small sofa

Oak wood, wool blankets and a comfortable seating niche by the window

attractive guest room design comfortable and flexible