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Creative furnishing ideas – street finds and works of art in a house in Amsterdam

The art dealer Hyland Mather from Amsterdam and his family bring many finds from the street to their rental house. And in a city like Amsterdam there are only two criteria to take something with you – to have an individual meaning and to be uniquely cool.

Mather has worked in the art world for almost two decades and thus has collected many works of art. You see that everywhere – a coffee table made of pallets and chairs that are street finds.

View of the house

Who lives there: Hyland Mather; his wife, embroidery designer Malia Mather; and her son Addison

Location: Amsterdam

Size: 90 square meters, 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom

A changing collection of contemporary works of art hangs on the gray wall in the living room

creative interior ideas colorful drawings on gray wall

The table top in front of the sofa is made of wooden construction pallets that Mather dismantled, sanded, painted and put together. Hyland and Malia like to take many things that they find dignified on the street.

Mather has worked in art galleries since the mid-1990s. Now he is involved in Andenken Gallery. The gallery walls display some of his popular artists, including Evan Hecox and Faile. Mather had a blank wall where he could experiment. So after several changes, this composition came about.

Many of the works can be found at Battalion

creative furnishing ideas sturdy coffee table like patchwork

The sofa is very comfortable and the woolen blanket and soft pillows make the cold winter days in Amsterdam warm.

A shelving system by Poul Cadovius extends the length of the living room, with a rotating collection of works of art. The constant changes do not leave out the inspiration. Mather cannot live in rooms with a finished look.

He found almost all the chairs on the street. Some of them are really nice, there are old wooden school chairs, mid-century classics, and Danish pieces from the late 60’s – a total mix.

Blek Le Rat’s large stencil with an androgenic angel playing the violin is Mather’s most popular work of art

creative furnishing ideas modern wall art chairs in different designs

The family gathers at the kitchen table. Since the kitchen has limited storage space, the family hangs the cookware on a simple shelf.

It saves space and creates an atmosphere that is inviting to cook

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In search of a new home, Mather was drawn to the living space’s clean lines and floor-to-ceiling windows

creative furnishing ideas comfortable leather armchair

The house was originally in a joyless state and the family has gradually renovated it

creative furnishing ideas old wooden box as a stool

Mather likes to sit in this brown leather armchair from his father

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He works, reads and thinks there and everyone knows that only Mather is sitting there.

The stencil artist Amanda Marie painted this work of art on top of the parents’ bed.

The shelf comes from the street

creative furnishing ideas plaid wool blanket

The bedside table is made of reclaimed wood

creative interior design ideas japanese art in black and white

The family prides itself on the fact that so many things are found or renewed in their home. Amsterdam is full of small and large finds.

Mather is relaxing on the sofa with his son Addison

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