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Current interior design trends 2014

Designing the home according to personal and even business wishes and needs is a current goal for many homeowners. You create an inviting, welcoming atmosphere at home so that not only family members but also guests can enjoy the homely cosiness.

To help many of you with interior design, we have collected and sorted a photo gallery of the latest interior designs that are part of the 2014 trend.

pay attention to the top trends

Current interior design trends feather chair wood warm ambience

There are a rich variety of options and suggestions when it comes to interior design trends. They could make even the smallest details in your home look brilliant and elegant. But creating the best home decor is a little tricky when there are so many amazing, imposing options on the market to choose from.

1. Wood, plastic objects and feathers – pieces of furniture made of wood and plastic create a contemporary look in your home. Feathers and especially those of Peacocks will be a must in 2014. Well, feathers everywhere, please!

Current interior design trends colorful yellow sofa lounger

2. Vibrant colors – this design is one of the most anticipated for the next year. Most homeowners support the home decor idea of ​​adding more bold and saturated colors to the interior – blues, greens, bungee reds, yellows, and purples are among others.

Think green!

Current interior design trends colors textures green bright teacup

3. Indoor Plants – Add some potted flowers, such as ferns, to balance out the various wood elements in your home.

Sophistication in black and white

Current interior design trends marble porcelain white black

4. Animal and marble prints – this is a really fascinating living idea. Textures with realistic marble prints!

Retro style

Current interior design trends colors textures materials retro art

Drama and glamor in a modern home

Interior design trends colors purple luster floor lamp lighting

   How do you find these rough concrete walls combined with the orange details? Current interior design trends colors textures orange armchairs curtains gray