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Decoration ideas for a Craftsman style house

Most people love the Craftsman style! Do you also belong to this group? There is something inviting and warm in these apartments. They show simplicity and a preference for building materials.

Such design solutions appeared shortly after the beginning of the 20th century.

They are characterized by many unmistakable properties. These are, for example, the tapering columns, the linear window details, the frontal gates and the open rafters under the eaves.

Today we take a quick look inside a Craftman house and look at the many options for decorating such apartments. Some of today’s houses are new and others are older. The first ones were built in Craftman style from the start and the others have been redesigned in this way.

 Interior design ideas in Craftsman style

modern house decoration craftsman style stone wall built-in fireplace

In the case of decoration, you can see many styles. They range from traditional accents to bright, modern furnishings. How would you decorate a Craftman house??

Craftsman designed living spaces

Interior design decoration ideas in Craftsman style charming home

We start this series with the Craftman House of the Dorothy Howard Architect Studio. Pay special attention to the window details and the exposed roof sealing strips. Did you also fall in love with the sage green and burgundy shades on the facade?

Shall we now look at the next figure? How would you decorate such an interior? In your opinion, what details make the difference here? There are several correct answers to this question. You can find them the quickest if you look carefully.

They give the room a sensual warmth. Some Craftman designers also use a lot of glass. In the picture below, this is the most noticeable decorative accent.

We find the wooden details particularly appealing

Interior design ideas in Craftsman style wood details

This allows the effect of the linear elements to come into their own. In the case of the room shown below, we are dealing with pendant and wall lighting.

Next comes the beneficial effects of light

Interior design ideas in Craftsman style modern living room

Some Craftsman apartments focus most on the warm and earthy nuances. Others opt for a light and luminous approach. In the next room you can feel the harmony of lively accents and cheerful shades.

A play of shadows in blue and white makes the atmosphere irresistibly attractive

Interior design ideas in Craftsman style remodeled bedroom

Many people take great pleasure in looking at the gray slate walls. This can be found in the Apartment Therapy illustration below.

Redesign of a historic house in a modern style

Interior design ideas in Craftsman style black living room built-in fireplace

This contemporary, Craftman-style living room includes modern pendant lighting, white wood accents, and contemporary art. The result is a look that is comfortable, trimmed and yet upscale and modern.

Comfortable and modern look

Interior design ideas in Craftsman style modern furniture bookcases

Craftsman designed kitchens and dining rooms

Shall we look at a couple of kitchens and dining rooms now? We are happy to offer you an insight into this topic. The first kitchen is hidden behind a fabulous Craftmans facade. This Moore Architects house has a great front door with tapered pillars and white railings.

Moore Architects house

Interior design ideas in Craftsman style exterior stair entrance door

After this entry you really feel like enjoying yourself. Now you are really in the mood for beautiful kitchen and dining areas. Most importantly, the architects created a relationship between the interior and exterior design.

Inside, there are some wood accents related to the exterior design in the form of drawers, doors, and kitchen cupboards and islands.

The modern touches are combined with traditional statements to create a warm, comfortable living area. [according to The Kitchen Source]

Wood accents – drawers, doors, and kitchen cabinets

Interior design ideas in Craftsman style kitchen island wood furnishings

Next up is an award-winning historic kitchen. This is the work of the W.B. Builders, complemented by the warm sheen of the wood details.

Warm shine from the wood details

Interior design ideas in Craftsman style wood details historic kitchen

 A back wall with tiles, white walls and dark kitchen work surfaces contribute to a stylish appearance. The wooden island and traditional bar stools remind us of Craftman’s root of the house. [according to Sandoraz].

The following illustration shows the Craftman design in a modern bistro look Interior design ideas in Craftsman style modern kitchen hanging lamps

Let’s look at the dining room. A few delightful elements give this beautifully maintained room its Craftman character. Among them, the ceiling lights and the yellow, green and brown combinations are particularly noticeable. Flower vases are also typical of the Craftmans interior design. Did you notice the Art Nouveau piece in the lower right corner? It seems to come from the ceiling decorated with vegetal elements, or not?

Interior design ideas in Craftsman style tropical touch

It gets a bit more modern with the following light gray dining area. The whole thing is complemented by a decorative strip. Have you seen this? The room owes its extremely modern appearance, among other things, to the light nuances and cool shades. [according to Denoxa]

Interior design ideas in Craftsman style dining room white furniture

In this modern context, we would also like to introduce you to the pendant lighting below. Wall paper and a collection of vases bring this room to an above-average level. The mixture of warm and cool shades creates harmony. [according to Sarah Greenman]

Interior design ideas in Craftsman style wood table chairs dining room

If you’ve paid attention, you’ll recognize the room shown below! This is the renovated dining area of ​​the same old kitchen from Apartment Therapy. Did we mention the year it was created? The house was built in 1912 and its furnishings consist of contemporary and vintage treasures. The dining room is no exception.

Interior design ideas in Craftsman style dining room carpet black

Craftsmans style bedroom

You always leave the most beautiful for the end! We did that too. Because the Craftmans bedrooms are rooms immersed in pure harmony. Traditionally, we look at the “shell” of this first, and then the exterior design of the house itself.

Interior design ideas in Craftsman style exterior san francisco house

Sometimes the simple and clean way to design is the best. Wooden furniture occupies a central position in the room below. The combination of this with the beige-colored walls on both sides is also enchanting.

Interior design ideas in Craftsman style bedroom bed

Maybe we didn’t inspire you to completely decorate your interior in a modern Craftman style. But you can always add a few beautiful accents. An example of such an approach is shown in the next figure.

The handicrafts of the bed set contain the strongest statement in the room.

Interior design ideas in Craftsman style bedroom wood furniture

Now follows a wider room, complemented by wooden baskets and door accents. The refreshing white and blue shades add a crisp and airy sophistication, don’t you think? [according to Annette English & Associates]

Interior design ideas in Craftsman style remodeled bedroom

Another shot of the old house from 1912 illustrates the power of the gray and white nuances and the contemporary furniture. Check out the modern artwork as well as the acrylic colored lamp on the bedside table. [according to Apartment Therapy]

Interior design ideas in Craftsman style bedroom black bedding

Through the last illustration we show the strong influence of modern flower arrangements in the Craftmans designs. If the style statements are strong enough due to the clear linear details, you can easily add a few contemporary elements. This can even happen at the front door.

Similarly, would you combine Craftman and modern elements in your home? Would you start with the facade or do you think of it as a surprise in the interior? In all cases we wish you magical results!

Interior design ideas in Craftsman style entrance door swing porch