lively interior design eclectic and colorful

Lively interior design – modern apartment with swing

Designed by Mao López, the apartment shown below inspires with a daring interior design and fresh accents. The designer hardly used any partitions. The result is a lively interior design with a seamless transition between the living areas and a free, open atmosphere.

The stylish pieces of furniture, the numerous photo wallpapers and the modern wall design give the living rooms a special personal touch

lively interior design comfortable sofa low side table

A wide wall mirror provides more optical space

vibrant interior design seamless transition orange accents

The very classic black and white combination serve as the background. Stimulating accents such as the orange cuddly soft carpet and the kitchen mirror provide a great contrast and more dynamism.

There is a sliding door in the living room which, if necessary, divides the room exactly into two equally sized rooms

lively design orange cuddly soft carpet

There is a provisional border between the hall and the living room where the LED television is located

lively interior design photo wallpaper recessed lights

The interior design of this apartment is eclectic at first glance. But if you take a closer look, you can feel the continuity of the furnishings and the unique character.

The city-themed photo wallpaper adds an extra perspective

lively interior design round retro chairs in black

Elegant dining table and stylish plastic chairs together with green plants for a pleasant ambience

lively design compact kitchen with sliding doors

Floor-to-ceiling windows and wall mirrors – more light and space

lively interior design large wall mirror in the dining areaCedar wood sliding doors ensure privacy in the bedroom

lively interior design quilted bedspread in gray

The bathroom is right next door – well camouflaged

lively interior design hidden bathroom

The second bedroom has a bold style with retro items and red accents

lively interior design striking wall art red accents

Well ventilated and flooded with light – bathroom and toilet in one

lively interior design elegant with glazed shower cubicle

Lots of simple shelves and drawers for more storage space

lively interior design simple shelves built-in lights

Exotically fresh with yellow and orange accents

vibrant interior design shiny white ceramic orange and yellow accents