beautiful modern attic apartment white furnishings

Nice modern top floor apartment in Stockholm

It’s been a while since we last published information about a Swedish designer apartment, but this incredible Stockholm apartment was well worth the wait. It is located on the island of Lilla Essingen, on the highest floor of a building by the harbor.

The apartment consists of three rooms, a recently renovated kitchen and a 30 square meter terrace. According to Skeppsholmen’s description, the square has an open floor plan and the fully glazed wall that opens onto the water provides light throughout the apartment.

Living area – white furnishings and fittings, urban atmosphere

Nice modern roof apartment

beautiful modern roof apartment white wood flooring

From the spacious living and dining room, which is divided in two by a wall, you can enter a small anteroom, which also leads to two further spacious bedrooms. Both bedrooms have exclusive curtains that protect the residents’ privacy from prying eyes. Although the overall design is minimalist, the Swedish apartment exudes an impressive amount of warmth. This comes from the soft blankets, king size beds and the generously dimensioned terrace with a perfect view.

The living area – white sofas, gray throw pillows and partition beautiful modern roof apartment white sofa living area

Pleasant white ambience in the living area in front of the TV

beautiful modern roof apartment window terrace

The partition between the dining and living areas

modern urban roof apartment white built-in fireplace

Interesting lighting attached to a rail

beautiful white roof apartment white dining area

Enjoy family meals in the dining area

beautiful modern roof apartment dining area hanging lamp

The dinette on the other side of the partition

beautiful urban roof apartment pure white design

The dining room – smooth, white surfaces and ergonomic dining chairs

beautiful modern roof apartment urban dining area

Eye-catching gray hanging lamp above the dining table

beautiful modern roof apartment dining furniture dining area white

Narrow passage between the kitchen and the living area

beautiful modern roof apartment countertop kitchen sink

Kitchen area – modern, shiny surfaces and wall shelves

beautiful modern roof apartment sink

The compact kitchen has everything you need

extravagant modern roof apartment modern kitchen area

Kitchen utensils, dishes and spices on the countertop

beautiful modern roof apartment shelves wall kitchen  The bedroom has a bed for three people beautiful modern roof apartment bedroom large bed

White duvets, white built-in wardrobes in the bedroom

beautiful modern roof apartment bedroom white bedspreads     Extravagant bathroom – bathtub and mosaic dark red tilesbeautiful modern roof apartment mosaic tiles bordo bath tub bathroom The children’s room – cute and playful beautiful modern roof apartment children's room lattice frame bed