opulent modern residence living area ocean views

Opulent contemporary Cape Town residence with spectacular ocean views

Now we have the honor to present you a truly magical and luxurious masterpiece. It is a residence in Bantry Bay, South Africa. It is located on one of the slopes of the Lion’s Head Mountains in Cape Town. De Wet 34 by SAOTA and OKHA Interiors designed this building is a real work of art.

For the most part, its value is increased by the spectacular views and the glamorous interior design. The apartment has been adapted to the varied needs of an entire family.

Overall, however, is the contemporary opulent appearance

opulent modern residence grass tree shade courtyard

A lush green lawn leads to the entrance, which is built into a redwood facade. Even during the first steps, you notice the harmony that arises from the balanced use of different noble materials.

Exceptionally rich, the apartment is still wonderfully embedded in the beautiful green surroundings.

 The private rooms were positioned on the lower floors. There are bedrooms and guest rooms as well as an entertainment room. The upper floors have a wide dining and kitchen area. The dominating glass surfaces ensure beautiful views of the sea for all residents and from all corners of the house. The family and guests can enjoy the beauty of the waves from practically every corner. The modern and fresh atmosphere was achieved through the combination of subtle, earthy nuances and clear lines.

The feeling of freedom was determined by the open plan of the apartment

opulent modern residence grass backyard

A mixture of wood, stone, concrete and glass was chosen there

opulent modern residence gray concrete tiles exterior wood

The expansive deck and the seemingly infinite pool lead many residents to spend more time inside than outside. The works of art and art installations have a strong effect, but even they are immersed in the calm of the exterior design and there is always an absolutely harmonious atmosphere.

 The same balance between ergonomics and beauty can be achieved in a few luxurious rooms.

Rough concrete provides the interior with coolness on hot days

opulent modern residence grass concrete tile wall rough

This crosses the boundaries between the inside and the outside area and you can always feel that

opulent modern residence luxury sofas cushions sculpture

Find this house so charming and opulent too? opulent modern residence living area sofa white floor lamp bowl

Stairs with handrails lead to the upper floor

opulent modern residence stairs steps gray glass ceiling

Elegant interior in the stairwell

opulent modern residence stairs steps handrail plants

Comfortable seating area by the window

opulent modern residence sitting area window comfortably interesting

Large, airy bedroom

opulent modern residence white bedroom

Homely, warm interior in the home office

opulent modern residence home office office table

Bathroom designed with style – natural accents, large wall mirror

opulent modern residence bathroom natural accents

Extensive living room – large modern sofas

opulent modern residence living area white furnishings

Photos from Adam Letch