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Playful room facilities designed to make every child feel good

 You see, keeping your own house safe from toddlers is one of life’s greatest jokes. Don’t you find it? Perhaps in the beginning you will intimidate your children with newly introduced boundaries and rules, but thinking that it will stay that way for a long time can border on delusion.

 You see, toddlerhood is the time when curiosity comes to the fore and the mind begins to evolve into what it will be in the future. Of course, you are the adult and the parent in this realm, and while they may think they have you wrapped around their fingers, all of your newly furnished and decorated house is one big no-go zone where you give them rules for the whole house. Don’t see me waving my index finger in front of your face. I thought so too.


Your mother did it to you and you hated it. Everywhere you looked, your name or initials were on the labels of your shirts, on the lunch box, even sewn onto your socks or written on with a marker. Sometimes it went so far as to mark which was the left sock and which was the right sock.

Cozy kids bedroom – striped walls

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SB Architects designed this kitchen

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 They swore that if you had any children of your own, they would not practice this hideous and embarrassing family custom on them. Well, monograms have replaced the quick scribble of a hurrying mother, and it already looks cool. From recyclable water bottles to backpacks, laundry baskets and wall tattoos, you can highlight their names and possessions by adding a name tag to them. Even if they still struggle to say the alphabet, they will learn to recognize their names all over the house, and that will slowly teach them a few letters.

Hallway furnishings – massive shelving cabinets

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Cozy, bright ambience in a modern urban children’s roomr

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 Dining area

Perhaps you work at home, or you might want to try new recipes. Either way, find an area they spend a lot of time in when you are at home and create some space for your toddler in that room. Make sure this room gives them their own personal work area. A table to tinker with, a chair, and a wall-mounted shelf are a great way to start entertaining yourself and keeping an eye on them. Despite the ornate bedroom that you carefully designed for them, they need the security of your presence. You can narrow down what they bring into your living spaces by giving them a specific corner. A little time for both of you is always precious during these stormy years.

 Original way to make the kitchen ergonomic and practicalplayful room furnishings sink kitchen cabinet

 Potty Training – Seat

It’s finally here! No more mess with the Disney characters embellished foam-reinforced toddler potty seats. It is much more important that you have a lot less to do with coarse dirty diapers. Now you can buy the smaller seat and install it under the lid of your full-size adult seat yourself. It’s a win-win situation and hopefully will teach your little gentleman to fold the seat down after use!

Bathroom – toilet attached for toddlers

playful room furnishings kitchens bathrooms toilet ladders

Step stool

 While brushing their teeth, climbing into bed, or rummaging around in the closet, a toddler’s small height can be the cause of a frustrating and intimidating time to deal with their small stature. But give them the right tools and we can turn mom’s little boy into an adventure-seeking independent boy. With the help of stools strategically positioned throughout the house, you can encourage him to turn on his own light switch. Quick tip: Try to find sturdy but lightweight stools so that you can easily carry them around the house and still have safe support.

  Step stool made of wood for more comfortplayful room furnishings wood furniture cabinet stool

Bathroom equipment set up according to children’s needs

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 Growth yardstick

Children grow so fast that one moment you think you just put those step stools down and the next they tower over you like a gymnast who won the Olympics. For sentimental reasons alone, the growth bar is a fun way to track your child’s progress in life. Instead of just notching the door frame, make a giraffe or other toy they love the measuring tool. One day you will be glad you followed this advice!

Elephant growth bar

playful room facilities entrance elephant meterGrowth bar giraffe playful room furnishings wall orange meter

24/7 helicopter parenting

Here is something else that education books call taboo. While it may seem that your constant presence, appreciation, and yes interference in your child’s life looks like the general solution, it is far from the truth. If they are still hanging around at home at 40, the cute charm is completely lost.

 And how about mounting a real helicopter on the ceiling??playful room furnishings bathroom wood original decoration

However, a creative way to give them some rest at night and give your eyes a break from the 24/7 surveillance is simply to draw the outline of a large helicopter around your bedroom ceiling fan. While playing or lying down for an afternoon nap, once they see what looks like an upside-down helipad, they can look up and feel safe. Only you will see the humorous meaning behind it.