Comfort and modernity are the two terms that characterize a minimalist interior. These come into their own especially in the living room. Simplicity, elegance and reduced design are further characteristic elements of the minimalist living room. Although minimalistly furnished rooms seem somehow empty, it does not mean that one should completely forego a personalized interior design. Quite the opposite: If you want to furnish your living room in a minimalist way, then give the room its own character, which comes out through its elegant simplicity. How exactly? We try to illustrate this for you in the following picture gallery!

To furnish in a minimalist way means to furnish in a reduced manner

minimalistic furnishing modern accents eyecatcher

What are the basic principles of a minimalist living room decor?

Many free surfaces can be seen in a minimalist living room. The sofa is seen as the centerpiece of the living area and the other large pieces of furniture are also placed in the center of the room. The renouncement of unnecessary objects makes a rich room decoration impossible.

Only a few accessories are specifically set as inconspicuous eye-catchers. There is a lack of beautiful decorative items on chests of drawers and shelves that captivate the eye. Closed cabinet fronts are typical for the minimalist living area, because a tidy look is the goal. The walls are also empty and typically painted in light colors, creating a bright, inviting atmosphere in the room.

Minimalist living room with accent wall in wood look

decorate minimalist beautiful accent wall living room wall

Chic living room sofas with decorative pillows can be seen in minimalist living areas

minimalist furnishing living room carpet stool

Set colored accents with modern armchairs

minimalist furnishing stylish accents green

How do you give the minimalist living room its own charisma??

But the minimalist living room can also get its own room atmosphere through the clever use of elements with a high visual value. You can add curtains to the entire living room look, but they should be monochrome. If you really want to have a carpet in the room, otherwise the floor will seem too empty, consider one! But choose a carpet in a neutral color such as white or gray. However, the interior design should be dynamic and lively! You could also spice up the monotony with fancy lighting fixtures and plants in large plant containers.

Bright living rooms leave a feeling of freedom and naturalness

minimalist furnishing modern lighting living room

But they also look super modern!

minimalist furnishing modern living area tv

Clear lines and bright, friendly colors make minimalist living room furnishings possible even on small areas. So if you want to live in a minimalist way, you can easily achieve this by skillfully combining colors and shapes and enjoy simple comfort with reduced modernity!

Black surfaces bring drama to the minimalist room

minimalist set up black surfaces

Integrate fresh patterns very carefully and skillfully

minimalist furnishing cozy living room furnishing subtle accents

Subtle decoration completes the whole design concept

minimalist furnishing wall decoration armchair living room ideas

White walls and black furniture mate

minimalist decor living room dark furniture

minimalist furnishing living room modern wall unit

minimalist decor living room bedspread living room sofa

minimalist living room white walls

minimalistic set up flower vase white textiles

Provide very small and unobtrusive eye-catchers

minimalist furniture decent wall decoration black furniture

minimalist furnishing cozy shades of brown

minimalist furnishing light colors create a cozy atmosphere

minimalist decorating minimalist decorating ideas

minimalist furnishing light sofa subtle accents

Scandinavian living rooms have something minimalistic about them

minimalist decor light walls black side table

minimalist decor bright walls beautiful carpet

minimalist decor gray living room sofa light walls

set up minimalist gray sofas deco in simple colors

minimalist decor smooth surfaces plants

Minimalist living rooms radiate calm and elegance …

set up minimalist neutral colors no flashy decoration

minimalistic interior beautiful textures bright colors

minimalist furnishing black accents dark sofas

set up minimalist black accents beautiful shapes

minimalist decor wall decoration beautiful patterns

Straight lines and simple colors – that’s how you recognize a minimalist living room!

minimalist furnishing simple deco ideas

minimalist furnishing bright furniture storage space ideas

minimalist furnishing elegant deco living ideas living room

minimalist decor white living room plants

create a minimalistic setting and create a white ambience