living room colors fur carpet pendant lamp made of coarse wood

Living room colors – 22 great ideas for decorating in black

When it comes to living room colors, we are also well prepared. Do you think that black has no business in your living room? Then you should reconsider. We have collected 22 great decoration ideas in black especially for you. They all show how you can use black to create not only contrast, but comfort and even a dramatic flair in the living room.

As you will see, there are certain tricks and subtleties that will be very helpful to you. You can use these depending on your taste and setting.

Color strokes and undertones enrich your black and give the interior the desired effect. For example, the dark chocolate color has a warming effect and a few white accents pamper the eyes.

Purple splashes of color add a glamorous touch and add more joie de vivre to your living room. A few works of art and wall art as well as red accents bring additional dynamism and variety.

If you have a lot of vintage items in the living room, then dare to paint the walls in jet black. You can add some fresh pops of color here and there to make sure the room won’t look oppressive.

You can also use white cornices and large mirrors. These spread the light and create optical space.

Aristocratic and noble

living room colors triangular side table made of steel and glass

Mirror panels visually expand the space

living room colors gray-black walls clad with wood

Muted colors and golden accents

living room colors deep pile carpet in beige

Artistic and mystical

living room colors ceramic vases and round chinese coffee table

Colorful in the baroque style

living room colors crystal chandeliers and striped carpet

Green accent walls and carpets create balance

living room great colors lampshade braided around

For real Asia fans

living room colors purple velvety armchairs

Noble flair with navy blue made of velvet

living room colors navy blue sofa upholstered with velvet

Retro lights in all shapes for more comfort

living room great colors neon pink coffee table in high gloss

Plaster column as a table base

living room colors original hanging lights like cages

Walls clad with wood radiate warmth

living room great colors oval high gloss round vase

Eclectic neo-baroque with fresh accents

living room colors oval coffee table softly upholstered

Very classic in black and white

living room colors rectangular dining table

A unique collection of mirrors

living room colors mirror collection

Nature decoration 

living room colors deer antler table decoration

Museum of modern art at home

living room great colors tulip chairs in black

Black furniture can also serve as accents

living room colors white comfortable armchairs and gray sofas

Luxury shimmer with fur

living room colors zebra fur rug fur blanket

Your kids will be proud

living room colors black and white drawings

We hope we could help you. These practical ideas and tips are of course only the basis for a successful living room decoration. But we know from our own experience that there are no limits when it comes to decorating. So discover your living room colors yourself and get started!