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Fabulous, serene modern nursery designs for triplets

People’s life practically begins all over again only with the birth of a child. Let alone when you have triplets! Above all, everything becomes more chaotic. But you can make your life easier with a few clever designer solutions. The artists from the Marsh & Clark Design Studio Created for the 2010 San Francisco Decorator Show.

A room like this can be really inspiring for parents. Here you create a peaceful and beautiful place for the children and manage to protect their privacy.

Comfortable room for triplets

quiet modern triples nursery designs baby cribs

The most important child care factors were taken into account: safety, sustainability, easy care, sufficient storage space, flexibility and decoration.

All of these properties appear in the design proposal for the triple children’s room. The design consists practically only of materials and furniture that are a must.

White acrylic chair – decorative and ergonomic

quiet modern kids room designs drilling acrylic chair  Innovative baby beds – safe and comfortable designs Quiet modern nursery designs triples cot

Big space for your three toddlers

quiet modern triples nursery designs wood flooring

Solid chest of drawers and three wall mirrors hung above it

Serene modern nursery designs triples pillow storage room

Attractive pendant lamp emits soft light

quiet modern triples nursery triples pendant lights

White furnishings and wooden flooring – a clever combination

quiet modern nursery designs triples sitting area windows

Enough space for the three

quiet modern nursery designs triples white furniture

Compact seating area by the window

quiet modern triples nursery designs seating window