Home office design for two people modernly equipped open wall shelves

Share your work space while maintaining your marriage

Have you ever tried to share a work space with your husband? Myself and my husband coped with this task for many long years. But to achieve this, we had to make many improvements in what was originally a small and gloomy room.

Home office design for two people

Home office design for two people work space office tables chairs

We originally only had one common work table and now we have two separate, slim and simple tables. The investment wasn’t small, but the quality and space saved had a prosperous impact on our lives together.

The two tables actually offer more work space, but the slim appearance and the space for your feet give you a feeling of width and freedom.

What do you always have to keep in mind:

Advice 1

Each partner needs different things in the office and the voice of all those involved must be equally respected.

Compromises should be made at every point in the process

Home office design for two people cupboards chairs office table white

Natural light is a very important element in the home office. So if you don’t have windows, be sure to incorporate a really well-functioning, bright light.

Advice 2

In case of doubt, you should opt for the comfortable feeling of both partners instead of the adapted, but uncomfortable look. This will make you feel relaxed and not be too nervous.

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In our case we had to remove a bookshelf due to a lack of space. As a result, we added shelves to the wall.

Advice 3

Everything must be geared towards the harmony between the partners. Everyone should feel that they have enough private space and feel undisturbed in it.

Advice 4

This point should also serve as a closing word to the whole. Every functioning relationship needs certain rules. We have listed a few possible ones, but you can certainly individualize and adapt them.

However, here are a few tips that I think are universal.

– Keep your workplace clean

– Make a call in the other room

– Listen to the radio with headphones

– Have coffee and lunch breaks together so you don’t forget why you actually share a home office!

Now I leave room for your own rules here

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