It is not just high pay or favorable vacation arrangements that ensure that workers do a good job. Above all, it is a pleasant and, above all, health-promoting workplace that increases our motivation and productivity. Studies show five areas in which a change has a positive effect, namely plants, lighting, standing workplaces, exercise, nutrition and wellness offers. Often it is small changes such as height-adjustable desks that transform a conventional workplace into an office of the future.

Many people think about ergonomics in the workplace

Woman Working At A Standing Desk In Office

Ergonomic office furniture promotes health when sitting for long periods in the workplace

Nothing is more detrimental to professional efficiency than constant back pain and headaches. Both reduce our ability to perform and concentrate, cause stress and ultimately a drop in motivation. Experts repeatedly point out how positively ergonomic office furniture, e.g. B. Height-adjustable desks can affect our efficiency.

It has been proven that an incorrect posture when sitting leads to tension in the neck and back muscles. Sooner or later, these in turn cause headaches and back problems. Those who work in the office are probably familiar with these complaints. Height-adjustable desks from specialist dealers are a simple way to improve our posture while working and prevent the health problems mentioned.

Such desks, which can be electronically or mechanically adjusted to the height of the user, ensure that the cycle of constant sitting is broken. On average, every German sits around 9.6 hours a day (office workers up to 12 hours a day), most of which is at a conventional desk in the office. By creating a standing workplace, our supporting and musculoskeletal system is challenged and promoted.

The muscles are more stressed, the spine is brought into its natural shape (the human musculoskeletal system was designed for a standing posture) and the blood circulation is improved. Height-adjustable desks from specialist dealers therefore ensure that we adopt a healthier posture while working.

Not just a trend, but a future - height-adjustable desks for home office furniture

What will the workplace of the future be like??

The workplace of the future will ensure the physical and mental well-being of those who use it every day. This is achieved above all by designing an ergonomic and well thought-out, but at the same time friendly, workplace as a company. It is the basis for motivated and productive work. But what does an office of the future include? Here are the main considerations on this topic.

Height-adjustable desks and ergonomic office chairs protect your back and pelvis

According to the experts, an exclusively standing activity is just as unhealthy as an exclusively sedentary activity. Studies therefore recommend changing your posture during work. In addition to a height-adjustable desk, an ergonomically shaped office chair with corresponding functions belongs in the office of the future. According to experts, it is characterized by the fact that, in addition to the height, the incline of the seat can also be changed. A good office chair also has variably adjustable or removable armrests and a high backrest. Having your own headrest can also have a positive effect on posture.

The eyes are delighted with these lux numbers

When it comes to lighting, natural light is the ultimate. If the office does not have a correspondingly large window, lamps specially developed for offices can be used. They use a lux number to illuminate the room, which is very similar to that of sunlight. According to science, the optimal lux number for young employees with healthy eyes is around 500. If older employees work in the office, the number should be between 750 and 1,500 lux.

Another unit of measurement for measuring brightness is Kelvin. It is mainly used for LED lights. If you want to equip your office with lighting that corresponds to natural daylight white, you should use lights with 5,250 to 8,000 Kelvin.

Not just a trend, but a future - height-adjustable desks home office ideas architecture

The office of the future is “green”

What the office of the future absolutely needs are plants. Those who equip their offices with them benefit in several ways. Research into office greening has shown that they can do more than just loosen up the atmosphere. They are also responsible for regulating the humidity in the office.

This is especially important in the winter months, because especially during this time the indoor climate is often much too dry due to the heating. Plants thus prevent, for example, overburdened airways and the resulting respiratory diseases. In addition, plants filter pollutants from the air we breathe and are even able to counteract the spread of viruses. Their most important function, however, is that they produce the oxygen necessary for concentrated and efficient work.

With larger plants in ground pots, you can also create natural barriers to the next workplace and thus create a little more privacy. The plants serve as privacy and noise protection.

Not just a trend, but a future - height-adjustable desks standing table chair home office

Flexible workplace for more efficiency

Working from home is becoming increasingly important, not least because of the corona pandemic. More and more companies enable their employees to do this type of work. As a result, more space is created in the company’s offices because desks remain vacant. What could be more natural than to temporarily sit another employee at the unused table.

In this situation, height-adjustable desks have a great advantage. Depending on the model, several heights can be saved. This opens up the possibility of different employees taking turns using the desk. This greater flexibility is also a feature that will distinguish the office of the future.

In connection with a lockable roll container for the personal belongings of each employee, height-adjustable desks become multifunctional workplaces. This is reinforced by the fact that monitor mounts and office chairs can also be individually adjusted to the needs of those who are currently working at the respective place.

Learn from Google, Facebook and Co. – quiet and relaxation areas

It goes without saying that we should work in the office and carry out our tasks. Nevertheless, more and more companies are setting up recreational and leisure areas in their company premises. This procedure is owed to the insight that many employees do not leave the immediate vicinity of their workplace even during their breaks, but stay on the premises. If there is a canteen, they go there, some use benches in the open air and more and more employees are in the quiet areas that are becoming increasingly common.

These zones, in which there are comfortable seats or loungers for a short nap, are increasingly part of the equipment of modern office complexes. Scientific studies have shown that a short nap of 15 to 20 minutes helps the employee to work more concentrated afterwards and to remain productive until the end of duty. Height-adjustable desks promote physical health, while quiet areas ensure a fresh mind.

Not just a trend, but a future - height-adjustable desks home office table