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Take a seat: 10 ergonomic sustainable desk chairs

Our parents put it best: “Do things well and do good!”. While we do our daily chores in our office chairs, tied to our desks for at least eight hours, we can reduce our negative impact on the environment by striving to do something good at work.

Today’s compilation of ten sustainable (i.e. environmentally friendly) office chairs illustrates the fact that environmental awareness can easily be achieved without sacrificing good design. The sustainable tendency is actually developing so quickly that it is almost completely overshadowing those devil-may-care contemporaries who are not in step with the latest trends. In the sense of classic sportiness, the best and most attentive successful types make progress, far ahead of the others who simply try to break in, but are ultimately left behind.

 Mirra desk chair on castors by Herman Miller

ergonomic sustainable desk chairs herman miller

Broom chair by Emeco & Philippe Starckergonomic sustainable desk chairs plastic green emeco philippe starck

HAG conference armchairs by Izzy

ergonomic desk chairs plastic green izzy

Turquoise desk chair from Izzy Design

ergonomic sustainable desk chairs roll turquoise colors

Life office chair from Knoll

furniture desk design chair original erognomic

Environmentally friendly sustainable office chair from Cobi

ergonomic sustainable desk chairs roll office cobiEssential collection of office chairs from Knoll

ergonomic desk chairs roll office furniture knoll

The SAYL chairs by Herman Miller

ergonomic sustainable desk chairs red white roll grille backrest

Armchairs by Boris Bally

ergonomic desk chairs transit boris bally