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Should you skip dinner altogether?

As soon as they have started a diet, a great many people wonder whether it is a promising idea not to eat anything in the evening. Especially in so-called intermittent fasting, this type of diet is a common practice and it also bears fruit. After all, if you skip dinner, you cut your calorie intake many times over. Nevertheless, this can even be harmful for the purpose of losing weight: Not only does an unpleasant feeling of hunger keep you awake at night, but the building of muscles can also be hindered by insufficient calorie intake.

A better alternative is therefore to eat the right food in the evening so that there is neither an unpleasant feeling of hunger nor too low a calorie intake. This also ensures better sleep and that the metabolism is stimulated and ultimately more is burned.

Lose weight more easily with healthy food in the evening low carb healthy delicious

In the evening, protein should play the main role on the menu

For a healthy diet, proteins should be the main part of the meal in the evening. On the one hand, that muscle fibers and the body in general can regenerate. Proteins are processed in the body into amino acids that we need for the regeneration of cells.

On the other hand, dishes containing protein are also filling and stimulate the metabolism. More fat is burned in the body. They differ from carbohydrates, which our body can process and burn quickly, but which does not lead to fat burning.

There are a few Low carb recipes for dinner, which also contain quite a bit of protein. You do not have to repeatedly access a small selection of dishes, but can now find the right alternative to dishes that usually contain more calories for every palate and every occasion. Such recipes can be found on our website as well as furnishing ideas, tips on gardening and plants and DIY projects. After all, low carb does not mean low enjoyment.

Easier to lose weight with healthy food in the evening low carb families eat

When is the best time to have dinner??

Every culture has its own times when people eat: In Germany there is a snack in many cities where, as one might assume, little is eaten in the evening. In other countries, on the other hand, people often eat warm and a lot late in the evening.

This has an impact on the next morning, because if you eat late in the evening, you will be much more hungry the next day. Digestion is strongly stimulated at night, so that hunger returns in the morning. In addition, if you don’t eat late at night, the body is detoxified by the liver.

The best time for dinner is 12 hours before breakfast, i.e. 8 or 9 a.m. at the latest. If there are more hours between the two meals (approx. 14 to 16 hours), this is even better for digestion.

Easier to lose weight with healthy food in the evening protein swell healthy low carb

The foods are best in the evening

tofu: Rich in proteins, it increases fat burning, stimulates metabolism and builds muscle.

fish: In addition to the valuable proteins, fish has a sufficient intake of omega-3 fatty acids.

Eggs: The food that probably contains the most protein and whose consumption thanks to the substance tryptophan ensures a better sleep.

Low fat dairy products: Examples are sour milk curd, skyr and cottage cheese. They fill you up and are also very rich in protein.

Avocados: Avocados contain oils that help you lose weight.

Almonds: They not only satisfy hunger pangs, but also ensure a balanced blood sugar level.

You should definitely avoid these foods in the evening

White flour products, fruit juices, candies and polished rice: These ensure that the blood sugar rises sharply and quickly. This avoids that digestion can proceed optimally in the evening and nutrients are absorbed.

Raw food: Prefer cooked food in the evening because it is easier to digest and the body has to use enough energy for digestion at night.

Heavily processed and greasy food: These literally rob you of sleep because the body has to expend more energy after consuming them.

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