The festival of horror is approaching more and more and soon it will be again: Happy Halloween! Perhaps you have already prepared your festive decorations and the creepy costumes are also long done. Now is the time to start thinking about delicious food and cool drinks. Would you like to set the table officially or do you prefer to design a buffet yourself? If you tend towards the second variant, then we have some great Halloween finger food ideas ready for you today. Although these are very original and creepy, they can be prepared very easily and cheaply. All ingredients are easy and quick to get and most Halloween snacks can be prepared without any baking or cooking. Wonderful, no?

Prepare Halloween finger food and cookies yourself

So there is still plenty of time to put on make-up and redesign yourself before the Halloween party. You can prepare most of the Halloween finger food ideas from our collection the day before the actual festival and even ask your children or the whole family to help. We are absolutely sure – everyone will have a lot of fun doing it. Check it out this year!

Delicious Halloween finger food ideas to make yourself

halloween finger food ideas baking cake

Countless delicious Halloween snacks recipes and ideas can be found online. Of course there is no doubt about that at all. However, many of them take far too much time or are prepared with foods that are too expensive. Fortunately, this is not the case with these. Even if you only want to implement a few of them, you can certainly create an enviable finger food buffet for Halloween.

Maybe you rather prefer vegan or vegetarian food? Then these creepy-funny monster mouths made of apples and strawberries in the picture below would be just the thing for you. Or do you appeal to the witch fingers made of dough and almonds? And how about the scary eyeballs made of mozzarella and green olives as a Halloween finger food idea?

Vegan and vegetarian Halloween snacks made from fruits and seeds

apple strawberries halloween snacks ideas

Prepare creepy witch fingers yourself

witch finger recipe halloween

Scary eyeballs made from mozzarella

Eyeballs made from mini mozzarella and olives as a halloween finger food idea

Decorate the nachos and guacamole with carved pumpkins and peppers

finger food halloween food ideas with pumpkin and guacamole

Eyeballs made from eggs and black olives

eyeball finger food idea for halloween with eggs and olives

Salty or sweet cookies turn into cute spiders as Halloween finger food

creepy halloween snacks made from biscuits with raisins

Prepare small vegan witch hats and decorate with artificial spiders

halloween recipes biscuits

Halloween finger food ideas for meat lovers

Of course, there are no fewer Halloween snack ideas for hearty foods. You can prepare delicious burgers in no time with smoked meat fillet for the tongue and cheese for the teeth. You can use cherry tomatoes or pickles for example as eyes. Effective witch fingers can also be prepared from pieces of breaded chicken. You can use red peppers or dried tomatoes as nails. Mummy toasts are also ready in no time. All you need is a few strips of ham or sausage, cheese and tomato sauce. Put everything on top of each other, with the cheese strips remaining on top so that they look like wrapping of fabric … Done!

Monster mouth burger idea for Halloween

Make halloween finger food recipes with bread and meat yourself

Small Halloween snacks with Russian salad and puff pastry

Prepare halloweeen cookies and snacks yourself

Halloween finger food prepared quickly and easily

halloween snacks ideas with bread and cheese

Make witch fingers yourself

witch fingers make yourself recipe halloween finger food ideas

Мini-pizza with ham and spiders from black olives

mini pizza for halloween

Bloody hot dogs made from white rolls and sausages

sausage tomato sauce broetchen with finger on halloween

Halloween drinks

Of course, the right drinks should not be missing on a successful Halloween buffet. Both alcoholic and soft drinks and all kinds of juices are suitable for this. It is mainly about the decoration of the drinks. Eyeballs made of mozzarella and olives for the Bloody Mary cocktail or a small artificial spider in the Aperol Spritz and the Halloween drink is ready. You can even design the bottle stickers yourself and equip them with scary labels such as: “Highly toxic” or “Poison”. Just let your imagination run wild and surprise your guests in a pleasantly scary way.

Decorate Halloween drinks appropriately

Decorate drinks with halloween finger food

Are you now even more interested in delicious Halloween finger food ideas? We hope so and wish you an exciting and creepy party and see you soon!

Below you will find more pictures with delicious ideas for the Halloween buffet

halloween finger food ideas with olives and eggs make little spiders yourself

Halloween muffins in orange garnished with dark chocolate

halloween finger food muffins ideas in orange

Form small pumpkins on the egg halves

halloween finger food recipe with eggs

Mascarpone and blueberry eyeballs

halloween finger food make yourself mascarpone blueberries

Delicious and scary at the same time

halloween finger food and cookies ideas

Bake Halloween cookies

halloween cookies ideas pumpkin ghost bats

Funny Halloween cupcake ideas with bacon

halloween muffins ideas with bacon

These lychee and blueberry eyes look so authentic!

lychees blebereren eyes make halloween snacks yourself

Another idea for Halloween monster mouths

fruit finger food halloween snacks ideas

Pumpkin pudding with brownie and eyes made from cream and chocolate 

pudding ideas as finger food halloween

Small graves as desserts in glasses

rip halloween dessert ideas dark chocolate cookies

Halloween biscuits decorated with skeletons

Bake skeletons yourself as halloween finger food ideas

Make Halloween owls on muffins yourself

sweet owls halloween finger food make yourself

Mummy toasts as a Halloween food idea

toast halloween finger food with cheese and olives

Something fresh for the Halloween buffet

vegan ideas for halloween finger food bananas clementines