cabbage rolls greek style

So you can prepare cabbage rolls the Greek way

Greek-style cabbage rolls are a great idea for anyone who would like to reduce their calorie intake a little before Christmas. They are very tasty, healthy and contain a lot of vitamins. They are also suitable for very different diets.

Regardless of whether you divide your portions into several small ones or prefer to eat more at once, the cabbage rolls are a good choice.

This is how we prepare the cabbage for the roulades

First you need to remove the piston from the cabbage. We put the head with the cut part facing down. Then you need to cook for about 10 minutes. This is how you are going to soak the leaves. Now these are in the right condition for the cabbage rolls.

Prepare the filling for the cabbage rolls

Cabbage rolls minced meat filling

The filling of the Greek cabbage rolls is made from minced meat. Here it is up to you which type of meat you will choose. Remember that for the sake of health, you should opt for a low-calorie, low-fat option. You need to let the minced meat stew briefly.

You would have to cut the onion very small, then we let it stew in heated oil until it becomes very soft. Then we briefly fry everything together with rice, which we also cooked beforehand.

To this mixture we also add the minced meat. We season with oregano, parsley, salt and black pepper.

We separate the leaves and insert about a tablespoon from the filling prepared in this way

Cabbage rolls filling instructions

We have to put the almost finished cabbage rolls in a frying pan next to each other.

Once we are done with it, we add some of the water in which we cooked the cabbage. We could then leave the leftovers at the bottom of the pan.

Also add a bit of olive oil to this dish. Cook for around 30-40 minutes.

Cabbage rolls garnished with yogurt

Cabbage roulades instructions

Sauce for the Greek cabbage rolls

We’d have to separate the egg whites of the eggs. Then we beat this in cream until you get a snow-white substance. Only then do we add the egg yolks and also add a little lemon juice. Then you’d need to add the sauce to the cabbage rolls. Pour the whole thing in very slowly. The cabbage rolls are served with the sauce.

Roulades and matching wine

The cabbage rolls could be both a main course and a starter. But when we are talking about low-calorie food, you will understand for yourself which would be the better option. You could choose a great red wine with this dish. Cabbage rolls prepared the Greek style can be served at a great and healthy event. We can only assure you that they really taste great!

Bulgarian-style cabbage rolls

cabbage roulades the bulgarian style

Cabbage rolls from Scandinavian cuisine

Cabbage roulades the Scandinavian way

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cabbage roulades from lithuania

You can also garnish with tomato sauce and basil

Cabbage roulades, basil, tomato sauce

With minced meat, German style

cabbage roulades german style minced meat

Asian cabbage rolls

cabbage roulades filled minced meat asian

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Cabbage Rolls Stuffed Minced Meat Dill

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cabbage roulades pomegranate turkish style

Lebanese with minced meat and rice

Cabbage roulades minced Lebanese

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With a spicy sauce

Cabbage rolls serving of cabbage specialty

Tomato sauce with cream and parsley

Cabbage rolls tomato sauce parsley