This is the lesson that many people have to learn the hard way: Buying a cheap sofa is one of the most expensive furnishing mistakes you can make. A cheap sofa will quickly sag and lose its shape. A long-lasting sofa, on the other hand, retains its quality for years and saves you a lot of money. Find out below what to look for when buying a new sofa. The starting points below will help you invest your money in a valuable sofa.

Buying a sofa is a long-term investment

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Buying a sofa: What should you pay attention to??

A valuable sofa should last between 7 and 15 years, so buying a sofa can feel daunting. It’s not just about finding the perfect piece of furniture for the moment, but also one that you will love and find comfortable for more than a decade. This article gives you helpful tips on what to look for in order to identify a quality sofa.

While it’s easy to choose a sofa based on its design, it’s a little more difficult to judge this based on its quality. Here are a few tips to help you find a stylish and durable sofa.

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  1. High quality sofas have sturdy wooden frames

A stable frame is the basis for a long-lasting sofa. The most durable frames are made from thick, laminated hardwood. Look for a sofa with an interlocking frame that has fewer joints and fewer (but larger) pieces of wood. This minimizes the stress points on your sofa.

  1. Pay attention to the spring base

The suspension base of a sofa is crucial, but like the frame, it is invisible to the buyer. So how do you know if the type of suspension is good quality? Check it out for yourself! Sit on a sofa and feel the innerspring. Do the feathers feel tight and are they close together? Or do they feel weak, giving too much indulgence? Be careful: weak springs that are too far apart are a sign that the sofa will wear out quickly.

A modern alternative to the previous spring core models is the so-called nosag base or wave base, which stands for more comfort and quality. In addition to seating comfort the nosag suspension offers many advantages. So you can ask for this type of suspension and make the difference yourself.

Buying a sofa What should you watch out for?

  1. The best sofa cushions are made from high density foam

The polyurethane foam can be a little cheaper, but it is better to opt for a cold foam HR filling. You will find that your sofa is noticeably more durable, more comfortable and holds its shape much longer than sofas with polyurethane foam pillows.

  1. Choose the best fabric for your sofa

You have many options between natural fabrics and synthetic fabrics that will last a long time. However, it can be more difficult to tell the difference between the two. Durable synthetics – like solution-dyed acrylic and mixed polyester – can be made to look and feel like natural fabrics. Even outdoor fabrics are finding their way into the interior and offer high durability and stain resistance. So choose a fabric that goes well with your interior and at the same time looks and feels natural.

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A note for pet owners: once your pets have found a spot on the sofa, you need to be extra careful when choosing the fabric. Consider an ultrasuede sofa cover. This one is soft and easy to clean, and for some reason most cats aren’t interested in scratching it. While it may seem counter-intuitive, a leather sofa is also a great choice for pet owners. Leather is resistant to odor and animal hair and is easy to clean.

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In this article, we have shown you a few ways in which you can identify a high-quality sofa construction. Stick to it and find a valuable and beautiful sofa that will faithfully serve you for years.