Beyonce is already one of the women with the most Grammy Awards in the world. You are now 23 and it looks like the superstar will improve this result even more. Homecoming: The Live Album, her new album is nominated for Album of the Year and in another Grammys category. It is still not known exactly what this will be. It is known, however, that the album does not get a Grammy nomination for the category Best Compilation Soundtrack for Visual Media.

Beyonce is nominated for the Grammys in several categories

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Beyonce and Homecoming: The Movie

This album actually presents the score for the new Beyonce movie, which has recently been shown on Netflix. He also got a Grammys nomination for best film music. By the way, if Beyonce wins in this category, she will be the first woman in a very long time to receive this award.

The last female winner in this category is Janet Jackson 1989. The album and film were recorded during the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival last year. Beyonce was the first African-American to headline this festival. The film is about the singer herself. Behind the scenes scenes and much of her creative process can be seen by fans.

This is one of the most successful Afro-American singers of all time

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Other categories in which the superstar will be present

Beyonce is also nominated in many other categories. To date, the singer has won 23 Grammys and is ranked eighth among all-time Grammys winners. Among the female actors, she is second only to Alison Krauss, who has a total of 27 awards. Among Afro-American singers, she is 3rd after Quincy Jones.

Next year, the Grammys will be awarded on January 26th at the Staples Center in Los Angeles.

Scene from the movie “Homecoming”

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Even pregnant, the star singer looked full of energy

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A great family picture

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Family life with Jay Z – an always hot topic for the fans

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