What a start to the New Year: Many things taken for granted wavered. There would be a lot to be expected from 2020 if this continues. On the one hand, we heard about royals who want to resign from royal families. There is talk of Megxit, parallel to the political Brexit … But we also have a lot of exciting news about celebrities in Germany. Claudia Norberg’s drama drew a lot of curious looks and sympathy for her. The well-known German TV reality participant seems to be staying brave.

Claudia Norberg was a popular star in the jungle camp 

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The story of Claudia Norberg – somehow all too banal!

Claudia Norberg has Michael Wendler married 29 years ago. She was 19 years old at the time. It was her first love and she just dedicated herself to her husband. He recently left her for someone else, a 19-year-old. Wendler doesn’t seem to want to grow old with Claudia.

That sounds pretty mundane. But for Claudia, with all the attention and evil tongues, of course a drama. As if it wasn’t enough, he is now outside of Germany and after bankruptcy it looks like Claudia Norberg has inherited more than two million euros in debt. Because the two are officially still married. Hmm, not a very good fate, right?

Claudia is going through a very difficult phaseClaudia Norberg - a great portrait picture

Claudia Norberg and the jungle camp

The 49-year-old woman became a favorite star in the Jungle camp. But at some point the support of the fans was no longer enough to keep them there. Now she seems to be sharing her life story and its collapse in the media. She gains something, but neither that nor her earnings in the jungle camp are enough for the old debts. How and when she finds a solution, parallel to overcoming the lovesickness – that is what we want to see. But she is brave and we are sure that she will somehow make it in the end!

The separation came because of a 19 year old

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Claudia was also 19 when she started her relationship with Wendler

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Wendler says his new girlfriend is his great love

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One of the most talked about German celebrity couples at the moment

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