Victoria Beckham is now 42 and anti-aging care is of course a very topical issue for her. Especially in this transition age, in which you can look like 30 with good care, but look like 50 with poorer care, you panic. The topic is apparently so topical for Beckham that she had her own super-expensive anti-aging cream made. As it turned out, she was made of her own blood. The price of this face cream is around £ 1200.

Victoria Backham attaches great importance to her young appearance

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The manufacturer of the face cream

The manufacturer of this special anti aging face cream is called Dr. Storm. He created them on the basis of the star’s own blood because he wants to use the healing properties of their own cells. According to Victoria, this resulted in a really soothing face mask.

Victoria Beckham’s own experience with this new product seems to be very positive for the first time. The anti aging cream seems to work perfectly against inflammation and to regenerate the face ideally. Fans and media are joking that the new anti aging product has a “vampire style”.

Hairstyle and other means are supposed to keep the Spice Girl young

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Nonetheless, the superstar seems very happy with it. It has to be said, however, that this is only Victoria’s first experience. Victoria Beckham is still in the test period and the positive results must first be confirmed by further use. Not only Victoria Beckham is experimenting with the original and somewhat off-putting products from Dr. Storm. She also applies them to the skin of her own children. Picture with her daughter – Harper, who is 7 years old, has already published Beckham.

Victoria Beckham in a youthful military look

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In time for the new Spice Girls tour

These beauty experiments, which are probably a bit too drastic, may have many causes. Perhaps that is somehow related to the alleged upcoming tour of the Spice Girls 2019. Ginger Spice Geri Horner ultimately joked that Victoria Beckham will attend. Whether it’s a matter of humor or the truth, Victoria Beckham needs good self-esteem to deal with it. The anti aging cream will certainly help her with this.

The video announcing the Spice Girls 2019 tour

Victoria on one of the many billboards she made

Victoria Beckham Portrait in Pink and Red

One of Victoria Beckham’s many star appearances

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Victoria during an exclusive appearance

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Whether Victoria looks so good because of the new cream?

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