The taboos regarding tattoos have long since remained in the past. It is no longer perceived as particularly extravagant to have tattoos. On the contrary – the tattoo trends are just as important as everyone else in our overview of fashion. The focus is on personality – that makes outfits and designs particularly trendy. Also, the patterns you choose are convenient because they inscribe themselves in different styles. As with the clothes, the boundaries between extravagance, style, classic and modern are fluid with tattoos. What is important is that you really bring out your own personality, you will find out below.

Flowers and other vegetable patterns are trendy

bluemn pattern ideas tattoos 2020

The challenge of the tattoo trends

As I said, many of the fashion trends can be carried over to the field of tattoos. Of course, the risk is a bit higher. If you choose a tattoo now, you will surely want to like it 10 years from now. This is exactly what modern tendencies aim at.

The tattoo trends combine modern techniques and patterns that have already proven to be a permanent trend. What we mean exactly can be seen in the selected examples. We also tried to put it into words.

Strong women like to choose ideas that express romance

flower pattern tattoos 2020

Tattoo trends with vegetable patterns

The plant-based patterns, regardless of whether they are conspicuous or subtle, will remain trendy for a long time with absolute certainty. That is why they also dominate among the women’s tattoo trends 2020, and are a great opportunity for busy women to emphasize the delicate and romantic side of their own character. In combination with sporty or strict business clothing, they would come into their own. So this would be a good decision for dynamic women who want to stay feminine at the same time.

The tattoo as a piece of jewelry

Ladies fashion ideas tattoos 2020

Exotic tattoos

The search for the roots of human civilization seems to be becoming more and more relevant. Indians and other patterns are very popular with the tattoo trends. They are particularly popular with men, but women could also choose a suitable variant for themselves. They express strength and perseverance. They would be ideal for women who have a graceful charisma, but also like to emphasize another aspect of themselves.

Choose a tattoo that emphasizes your personality

Women's trends tattoos 2020

As simple as it gets!

The tattoo should be original and timeless at the same time. That’s trendy, as we said before! A suitable strategy would be the extremely simple design. Such tattoos are influenced by minimalism in the size and number of elements. So everything is modern that we consider elegant in the classic sense. So take original ideas and implement them in a variant that is as simple as possible.

Stay on the safe side with minimalism!

subtle tattoos tattoos 2020

Mediation of the essentials in life

Our world is quite complicated, but one thing is certain: we humans are living more and more consciously. We understand better and better what really matters in life. Subtle tattoos with messages of freedom, love, affection, loyalty and spiritual strength are absolutely trendy. The idea behind the representation of various animals such as elephants, birds and mythical creatures is probably similar. It’s about the search for inner strength and the meaning of life.

Another idea for jewelry that you don’t have to take off!

elegant women's jewelry trends ideas

Tattoos instead of jewelry

Many tattoos remain just ornamental. They are permanent jewelry that you simply don’t need to put on or take off. A very strong accent is placed on the ankles, wrists and back. The colored and 3D tattoo trends are striking. It is best to stay minimalist in terms of dimensions and shapes. So you could wear this “piece of jewelery” for several years and combine it in a variety of ways. This tendency in tattoos can actually be seen as the most functional.

Exotic tattoos continue to be popular

exotic pattern tattoos tattoos 2020

Choosing a tattoo in line with the 2020 Tattoo Trends

So how do you successfully master the “trendy tattoo” challenge in 2020? Ask yourself the following question: Do I want to express an inner state or do I want to tattoo a piece of jewelry? If this is the first case, then opt for an expressive, but in small figures or shapes depiction. If you want to wear a tattoo as a piece of jewelry, then take a look at the current tattoo trends 2020. Pick something that is consistent with these.

Finally, select several ideas that meet your current tattoo needs. Let this work on you for several days and you decide only then. When in doubt, consider using a temporary tattoo to ensure you don’t make the wrong choice.

The colored tattoos are also trendy in 2020

Colored ideas for tattoos 2020

Animals and mythology tattoos speak about our inner attitude

color ideas for hands tattoos 2020

Once you express your personality, the tattoos are considered modern

figures - women picture - tattoos 2020

women picture portrait tattoos 2020

leisure tips tattoos 2020

healthy living ideas and tips tattoos 2020

skin care ideas tattoos 2020

Emphasize the benefits of your body through the tattoo!

skin chuck legs women trends tattoos 2020

heart on arm ideas tattoos 2020

heart ideas tattoos tattoos 2020

Ideas for back tattoos 2020

ideas with hand tattoos 2020

Show your inner pursuit of harmony!

native american tattoos tattoos 2020

inscription ideas tattoos trends

Inscriptions - inspirations for tattoos 2020

interesting tattoos tattoos 2020

Subtle tattoos can greatly emphasize your beauty!

small heart ideas tattoos 2020

small ideas beauty tips tattoos 2020

small symbols beautiful tattoos 2020

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Choose a tattoo to decorate your ankles with

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romantic wedding ideas tattoos 2020

In this example we experience elegance and feminine character in one

red t-shirt - great ideas - tattoos 2020

skull ideas tattoos 2020

Butterflies Tattoss tattoos 2020

jewelry on the body - tattoos ideas tattoos 2020

The 2020 tattoo trends include colored tattoos

jewelry on arm tattoos 2020

jewelry on the back tattoos 2020

Jewelry ideas shoulders tattoos 2020

beautiful lightbulb tattoos 2020

schuck ideas body joints tattoos 2020

Dynamic women can show their romantic side through tattoos

shoes trends in women tattoos 2020

shoulder - inscription - tattoos 2020

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Tattoos reveal your inner dream of other worlds!

tattoos on bone tattoos 2020

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Tattoos women tattoos 2020

Tattoos 2020 - flower pattern tips

You can also express your longing for childhood!

Tattoos 2020 - ladies hobies everyday life

Tattoos 2020 - ice pattern tattoos ideas

Tattoos 2020 - fabulous tattoos

Tattoos 2020 - faces for women

Tattoos 2020 - fashionable inspirations

Indian and other exotic cultures inspired the 2020 tattoo trends

Tattoos 2020 - jewelry ideas for women

tattoos 2020 - beautiful fabric picture

Tattoos 2020 - great flower patterns

Tattoos 2020 - great flower patterns

Tattoos 2020 - great idea of ​​tattoo trends

tattoos 2020 3 D colored ideas

Simple tattoos could show bright colors!

tattoos 2020 3 D heart ideas

Tattoos 2020 current trends

tattoos 2020 legs jewelry for women

tattoos 2020 flowers accessories

When you cover large parts of your body, choose permanently modern ideas!

Tattoos 2020 flower pattern tips and trends

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Tattoos 2020 elegant ideas for women's jewelry

Tattoos 2020 colored tattoos

tattoos 2020 colored 3d tattoos

Show that you trust your heart through your tattoo!

Tattoos 2020 women atial tendencies

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Tattoos 2020 women trends

Tattoos 2020 geometric tips ideas

Flowers and geometry – both are classic elements!

Tattoos 2020 geometric ideas and figures

tattoos 2020 engraving on the shoulder

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Mysticism and abstraction – something like that would be trendy in 2020!

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Delicate and modern jewelry for the shoulders!

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Tattoos 2020 new trends among women

Choose tattoo ideas that match the sporty and elegant style at the same time!

Tattoos 2020 vegetable patterns

Tattoos 2020 professional tattoos

Tattoos 2020 profile drawings

Tattoos 2020 back tattoos trends

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Tattoos could accentuate the neckline in an elegant way!

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Tattoos 2020 sporty outfits

Another tattoo as a subtle jewelry idea

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Tattoos 2020 super modern jewelry for women

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Jewelry ideas for the whole body

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Tattoos 2020 tips healthy living everyday

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A universal idea for the back

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Tattoos 2020 great ideas for everyday life

Tattoos 2020 great trends for summer

Tattoos 2020 trends for summer

Tattoos 2020 trends ideas

The essential is invisible to the eyes … or is it?tattoos 2020 trends in fashion ideas

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tattoos 2020 female trends tattoos

tips for inscriptions tattoos 2020

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Choose tattoos that can be combined with your clothing style!

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Trendy ideas tattoos 2020

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